22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition
August 24-28, 2014, Stockholm Waterfront, Stockholm, Sweden

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Monday August 25, 2014

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MoOC Plenary Session, Room A1 Add to My Program 
Opening Ceremony  
Chair: Borga, MagnusLinköping Univ
MoAM_PL Plenary Session, Room A1 Add to My Program 
K.S. Fu Prize Lecture  
Chair: Chellappa, RamaUniv. of Maryland
09:30-10:30, Paper MoAM_PL.1 Add to My Program
The Three R’s of Computer Vision: Recognition, Reconstruction and Reorganization
Malik, Jitendra
MoAT1 Oral Session, Room A2 Add to My Program 
Shape and Matching  
Chair: Carlsson, StefanKTH
Co-Chair: Felsberg, MichaelLinköping Univ
11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT1.1 Add to My Program
Facial 3D Shape Estimation from Images for Visual Speech Animation
Musti, UtpalaUniv. of Oulu
Zhou, ZihengUniv. of Oulu
Pietikäinen, MattiUniv. of Oulu
11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT1.2 Add to My Program
Shape from Phase: An Integrated Level Set and Probability Density Shape Representation
Corring, JohnUniv. of Florida
Rangarajan, AnandUniv. of Florida
11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT1.3 Add to My Program
LBO-Shape Densities: Efficient 3D Shape Retrieval Using Wavelet Density Estimation
Moyou, Mark MatthewFlorida Inst. of Tech
Ihou, Koffi EddyFlorida Inst. of Tech
Peter, AdrianFlorida Inst. of Tech
12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT1.4 Add to My Program
Robust Point Set Matching under Variational Bayesian Framework
Qu, HanBingBeijing Acad. of Science and Tech. Beijing
12:20-12:40, Paper MoAT1.5 Add to My Program
Spatially-Varying Image Warps for Scene Alignment
Chang, Che-HanNational Taiwan Univ
Chen, Chiu-JuNational Taiwan Univ
Chuang, Yung-YuNational Taiwan Univ
12:40-13:00, Paper MoAT1.6 Add to My Program
Visualization of Hyperspectral Imaging Data Based on Manifold Alignment
Liao, DanpingZhejiang Univ
Qian, YuntaoZhejiang Univ
Zhou, JunGriffith Univ
MoAT2 Oral Session, Room A4 Add to My Program 
Statistical, Syntactic, and Structural Pattern Recognition  
Chair: Kropatsch, WalterVienna Univ. of Tech
Co-Chair: Cucchiara, RitaUniv. Degli Studi Di Modena E Reggio Emilia
11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT2.1 Add to My Program
A Matrix Factorization Approach to Graph Compression
Nourbakhsh, FarshadUniv. of Venice
Rota Bulo', SamuelBruno Kessler Foundation
Pelillo, MarcelloCa' Foscari Univ
11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT2.2 Add to My Program
BoG: A New Approach for Graph Matching
Silva, Fernanda BrandãoUniv. of Campinas
Tabbone, SalvatoreUniv. De Lorraine-LORIA UMR 7503
Torres, RicardoInst. of Computing, Univ. of Campinas
11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT2.3 Add to My Program
An Attributed Graph Kernel from the Jensen-Shannon Divergence
Bai, LuThe Univ. of York
Bunke, HorstUniv. of Bern
Hancock, EdwinUniv. of York
12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT2.4 Add to My Program
The Mutual Information between Graphs
Escolano, FranciscoUniv. of Alicante
Hancock, EdwinUniv. of York
12:20-12:40, Paper MoAT2.5 Add to My Program
Graph Signatures for Evaluating Network Models
Wilson, RichardUniv. of York
12:40-13:00, Paper MoAT2.6 Add to My Program
Pattern Theory-Based Interpretation of Activities
Souza, Fillipe Dias Moreira deUniv. of South Florida
Sarkar, SudeepUniv. of South Florida
Srivastava, AnujFlorida State Univ
Su, JingyongTexas Tech. Univ
MoAT3 Oral Session, Room C3 Add to My Program 
Segmentation, Features, and Descriptors  
Chair: Gu, Irene Yu-HuaChalmers Univ. of Tech
Co-Chair: Mori, MinoruNTT
11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT3.1 Add to My Program
Automatic Object Segmentation by Quantum Cuts
Aytekin, CaglarTampere Univ. of Tech
Kiranyaz, SerkanTampere Univ. of Tech
Moncef, GabboujTampere Univ. of Tech
11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT3.2 Add to My Program
A Two-Stage Image Segmentation Method Using Euler's Elastica Regularized Mumford-Shah Model
Duan, YupingInst. for Infocomm Res
Chang, HuibinTianjin Normal Univ
Huang, WeiminI2R
Zhou, JiayinInst. for Infocomm Res
Zeng, TieyongHong Kong Baptist Univ
11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT3.3 Add to My Program
Comparison of Body Shape Descriptors for Biometric Recognition Using MMW Images
Gonzalez-Sosa, EsterUniv. Autónoma De Madrid
Vera-Rodriguez, RubenUniv. Autonoma De Madrid
Fierrez, JulianUniv. Autonoma De Madrid
Ortega-Garcia, JavierUniv. Autonoma De Madrid
12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT3.4 Add to My Program
A Fast and Adaptive Random Walks Approach for the Unsupervised Segmentation of Natural Images
Desrosiers, ChristianEc. De Tech. Superieure
12:20-12:40, Paper MoAT3.5 Add to My Program
Wide Baseline Multi-View Video Matting Using a Hybrid Markov Random Field
Wang, TinghuaiNokia
Collomosse, John PhilipUniv. of Surrey
Hilton, AdrianUniv. of Surrey
12:40-13:00, Paper MoAT3.6 Add to My Program
Dictionary Snakes
Dahl, AndersTech. Univ. of Denmark
Dahl, Vedrana AndersenTech. Univ. of Denmark
MoAT4 Oral Session, Room A1 Add to My Program 
Pattern Recognition / Biometrics  
Chair: Govindaraju, VenuUniv. at Buffalo
Co-Chair: Huang, JiwuShenzhen Univ
11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT4.1 Add to My Program
An Automated System for Plant-Level Disease Rating in Real Fields
Afridi, Muhammad JamalMichigan State Univ
Liu, XiaomingMichigan State Univ
McGrath, J. MitchellUnited States Department of Agriculture
11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT4.2 Add to My Program
Evaluation of Binary Descriptors for Fast and Fully Automatic Identification
Eikvil, LineNorwegian Computing Center
Holden, MaritNorwegian Computing Center
11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT4.3 Add to My Program
Vein Pattern Visualization through Multiple Mapping Models and Local Parameter Estimation for Forensic Investigation
Sharifzadeh, Hamid RezaUnitec Inst. of Tech
Zhang, HengyiNanyang Tech
Kong, AdamsNanyang Tech. Univ
12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT4.4 Add to My Program
Appearance-Based Object Detection under Varying Environmental Conditions
Feris, RogerioIBM Res
Brown, LisaIBM T. J. Watson Res. Center
Pankanti, SharathIBM Res
Sun, Ming-TingUniv. of Washington
12:20-12:40, Paper MoAT4.5 Add to My Program
Vehicle Type Classification Using Unsupervised Convolutional Neural Network
Dong, ZhenBeijing Inst. of Tech
Pei, MingtaoBeijing Inst. of Tech
He, YangBeijing Inst. of Tech
Liu, TingBeijing Inst. of Tech
Dong, YanmeiBIT
Jia, YundeBeijing Inst. of Tech
12:40-13:00, Paper MoAT4.6 Add to My Program
Multi-View Based AdaBoost Classifier Ensemble for Class Prediction from Gene Expression Profiles
Li, LeSouth China Univ. of Tech
Yu, ZhiwenSouth China Univ. of Tech
You, JaneThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ
Wong, Hau-SanCity Univ. of Hong Kong
MoPM_PL Plenary Session, Room A1 Add to My Program 
J.K. Aggarwal Lecture  
Chair: Plamondon, RéjeanÉcole Pol. De Montréal
Co-Chair: Tistarelli, MassimoUniv. of Sassari
14:30-15:30, Paper MoPM_PL.1 Add to My Program
Biometrics: From Pattern Recognition to Data Privacy
Ross, ArunMichigan State Univ.
MoBT1 Oral Session, Room A2 Add to My Program 
Chair: Eklundh, Jan-OlofKTH, Royal Inst. of Tech
Co-Chair: Kanatani, KenichiNone
16:00-16:20, Paper MoBT1.1 Add to My Program
Generalized Radial Alignment Constraint for Camera Calibration
Kumar, AvinashUniv. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Ahuja, Narendra-UIUC
16:20-16:40, Paper MoBT1.2 Add to My Program
Benchmarking 3D Pose Estimation for Face Recognition
Dou, PengfeiUniv. of Houston
Wu, YuhangUniv. of Houston
Shah, ShishirUniv. of Houston
Kakadiaris, IoannisUniv. of Houston
16:40-17:00, Paper MoBT1.3 Add to My Program
Localization of 2D Cameras in a Known Environment Using Direct 2D-3D Registration
Paudel, Danda PaniUniv. of Burgundy
Demonceaux, CédricUniv. De Bourgogne, Le2i, UMR CNRS 6306
Habed, AdlaneUniv. of Strasbourg, CNRS, France
Vasseur, PascalUniv. De Rouen
17:00-17:20, Paper MoBT1.4 Add to My Program
Non-Frontal Camera Calibration Using Focal Stack Imagery
Kumar, AvinashUniv. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Ahuja, Narendra-UIUC
17:20-17:40, Paper MoBT1.5 Add to My Program
Cross-Trees for Stereo Matching with Priors
Cheng, FeiyangBeihang Univ
Zhang, HongBeihang Univ
Sun, MinguiUniv. of Pittsburgh
Wang, HelongLuoyang Electro-Optical Equipment Res. Inst
Yuan, DingBeihang Univ
MoBT2 Oral Session, Room A4 Add to My Program 
Classification and Clustering I  
Chair: Kasturi, RangacharUniv. of South Florida
Co-Chair: De Stefano, ClaudioUniv. of Cassino and Southern Lazio
16:00-16:20, Paper MoBT2.1 Add to My Program
Unsupervised Clustering of Depth Images Using Watson Mixture Model
Md Abul Hasnat, HasnatUniv. Jean Monnet Saint Etienne
Alata, OlivierJean Monnet Univ. Saint-Etienne
Tremeau, AlainUniv. Jean Monnet
16:20-16:40, Paper MoBT2.2 Add to My Program
A Multi-Task Learning Framework for Joint Disease Risk Prediction and Comorbidity Discovery
Wang, XiangIBM Res
Wang, FeiIBM T. J. Watson Res. Center
Hu, JianyingIBM
16:40-17:00, Paper MoBT2.3 Add to My Program
2-Sided Best Fitting Hyperplane Classifier
Cevikalp, HakanEskisehir Osmangazi Univ
17:00-17:20, Paper MoBT2.4 Add to My Program
Boosting Stochastic Newton with Entropy Constraint for Large-Scale Image Classification
Bel haj ali, WafaI3S, CNRS/Univ. of Nice Sophia Atipolis
Nock, RichardUniv. Des Antilles Et De La Guyane
Barlaud, MichelCNRS/Univ. of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
17:20-17:40, Paper MoBT2.5 Add to My Program
Learning with Hidden Information
Wang, ZihengRensselaer Pol. Inst
Wang, XiaoyangRPI
Ji, QiangRPI
MoBT4 Oral Session, Room A1 Add to My Program 
Handwriting Analysis and Recognition  
Chair: Blumenstein, MichaelGriffith Univ
Co-Chair: Ji, QiangRPI
16:00-16:20, Paper MoBT4.1 Add to My Program
Improving Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition with Discriminative Quadratic Feature Extraction
Zhou, Ming-KeInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Zhang, Xu-YaoInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Yin, FeiInst. of Automation of CAS
Liu, Cheng-LinInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
16:20-16:40, Paper MoBT4.2 Add to My Program
A Sigma-Lognormal Model for Handwritten Text CAPTCHA Generation
Ramaiah, ChetanSUNY Buffalo
Plamondon, RéjeanÉcole Pol. De Montréal
Govindaraju, VenuUniv. at Buffalo
16:40-17:00, Paper MoBT4.3 Add to My Program
BH2M: The Barcelona Historical Handwritten Marriages Database
Fernandez-Mota, DavidComputer Vision Center
Almazán, JonCVC
Cirera, NúriaComputer Vision Center
Fornés, AliciaComputer Vision Center
Llados, JosepComputer Vision Center
17:00-17:20, Paper MoBT4.4 Add to My Program
K-NN Classification of Handwritten Characters Using a New Distortion-Tolerant Matching Measure
Yamashita, YukihikoTokyo Inst. of Tech
Wakahara, ToruHosei Univ
17:20-17:40, Paper MoBT4.5 Add to My Program
Assessing Textural Features for Writer Identification on Different Writing Styles and Forgeries
Bertolini, DiegoUFPR
Oliveira, LuizFederal Univ. of Parana
Edson, JustinoPUCPR
Sabourin, R.École De Tech. Supérieure
MoBT5 Oral Session, Room C3 Add to My Program 
Biomedical Image Analysis: Image Segmentation  
Chair: Smedby, ÖrjanLinköping Univ
Co-Chair: Moeller, BirgitMartin Luther Univ. Halle-Wittenberg
16:00-16:20, Paper MoBT5.1 Add to My Program
Efficient Interactive Brain Tumor Segmentation As Within-Brain Knn Classification
Havaei, MohammadUniv. of Sherbrooke
Jodoin, Pierre-MarcUniv. of Sherbrooke
Larochelle, HugoUniv. of Sherbrooke
16:20-16:40, Paper MoBT5.2 Add to My Program
Brain Lobes Revealed by Spectral Clustering
Lefèvre, JulienAix-Marseille Univ. LSIS CNRS UMR 7296
Auzias, GuillaumeAix-Marseille Univ. INT UMR 7289
Germanaud, DavidHôpital Robert Debré, APHP
16:40-17:00, Paper MoBT5.3 Add to My Program
Segmentation of Anatomical Structures in Four-Chamber View Echocardiogram Images
Cao, YuIBM Res. - Almaden
Mcneillie, PatrickIBM Res. - Almaden
Syeda-Mahmood, TanveerIBM Almaden Res. Center
17:00-17:20, Paper MoBT5.4 Add to My Program
Segmentation of Retinal Arteries in Adaptive Optics Images
Nicolas, LerméInst. Supérieur D'electronique De Paris
Florence, RossantInst. Supérieur D'electronique De Paris
Isabelle, BlochTélécom ParisTech
Michel, PaquesCIC 503, Centre Hospitalier National Des XX-XV
Edouard, KochCentre Hospitalier De Versailles
17:20-17:40, Paper MoBT5.5 Add to My Program
Exploring Brain Tumor Heterogeneity for Survival Time Prediction
Zhou, MuUniv. of South Florida
Hall, LarryUniv. of South Florida
Goldgof, DmitryUniv. of South Florida
Gillies, RobertDepartment of Radiology, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Centre and Res
Gatenby, RobertDepartment of Radiology, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Centre and Res
MoBT4p Poster Session, Balcony Level 5 Add to My Program 
Biometrics and Pattern Recognition Applications  
Chair: Davis, LarryUniv. of Maryland
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.1 Add to My Program
Analysis of the Effect of Image Resolution on Automatic Face Gender Classification
Andreu, YasminaInst. Univ. De Noves Tecnologies De La Imatge(INIT), U
López-Centelles, JosepUniv. Jaume I of Castellón
Mollineda, Ramón A.Univ. Jaume I
García-Sevilla, PedroInst. Univ. De Noves Tecnologies De La Imatge(INIT), U
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.2 Add to My Program
Learning Semantic Binary Codes by Encoding Attributes for Image Retrieval
Luo, JianweiBeihang Univ
Jiang, Zhi-guoBeiHang Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.3 Add to My Program
Belief-Function Based Framework for Deformable 3D-Shape Retrieval
Benhabiles, HalimESIGELEC, IRSEEM (EA 4353) Saint-Etienne Du Rouvray, France
Tabia, HediETIS/ENSEA, Univ. of Cergy-Pontoise, CNRS, UMR 8051, France
Vandeborre, Jean-PhilippeUniv. of Lille 1
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.4 Add to My Program
Fusion of Multibiometrics Based on a New Robust Linear Programming
Miao, DiUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
Sun, ZhenanInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Huang, YongzhenInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.5 Add to My Program
3D Shape Classification Using Information Fusion
Tabia, HediETIS/ENSEA, Univ. of Cergy-Pontoise, CNRS, UMR 8051, France
Vu, Ngoc-SonENSEA
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.6 Add to My Program
Face Recognition in Videos by Label Propagation
Reddy, Vijay KumarInternational Inst. for Informational Tech. Hyderabad
Namboodiri, AnoopIIIT, Hyderabad
Jawahar, C. V.IIIT
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.7 Add to My Program
Plane Geometry Figure Retrieval Based on Bilayer Geometric Attributed Graph Matching
Liu, LuPeking Univ
Lu, XiaoqingPeking Univ
Fu, SongpingPeking Univ
Qu, JingweiPeking Univ
Gao, LiangcaiPeking Univ
Tang, ZhiPeking Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.8 Add to My Program
EM-Based Layout Analysis Method for Structured Documents
Cruz, FranciscoUniv. Autònoma De Barcelona - Computer Vision Center
Ramos Terrades, OriolUniv. Autònoma De Barcelona - Computer Vision Centre
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.9 Add to My Program
Ancient Coin Recognition Based on Spatial Coding
Kim, JongpilRutgers, the State Univ. of New Jersey
Pavlovic, VladimirRutgers Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.10 Add to My Program
Signature Matching Using Supervised Topic Models
Xianzhi, DuUniv. of Maryland, Coll. Park
Doermann, DavidUniv. of Maryland
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.11 Add to My Program
Selective Concealment of Characters for Privacy Protection
Inai, KoheiKyushu Univ
Pålsson, MårtenRoyal Inst. of Tech. Sweden
Frinken, VolkmarKyushu Univ
Feng, YaokaiKyushu Univ
Uchida, SeiichiKyushu Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.12 Add to My Program
RGB-D Based Face Reconstruction and Recognition
Hsu, Gee-SernNational Taiwan Univ. of Science and Tech
Liu, Yu-LunNational Taiwan Univ. of Science and Tech
Peng, Hsiao-ChiaNational Taiwan Univ. of Science and Tech
Chung, Sheng-LunNational Taiwan Univ. of Science and Tech
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.13 Add to My Program
A Direct Method for 3D Hand Pose Recovery
Abedan Kondori, FaridUmeå Univ
Yousefi, ShahrouzKTH Royal Inst. of Tech
Ostovar, AhmadUmeå Univ
Liu, LiUmeå Univ
Li, HaiboKTH, Royal Inst. of Tech
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.14 Add to My Program
A Performance Comparison between Circular and Spline-Based Methods for Iris Segmentation
Zhao, YajieUniv. of Kentucky
Ti, ChangpengUniv. of Kentucky
Huang, XinyuNorth Carolina Central Univ
Tokuta, AladeNorth Carolina Central Univ
Yang, RuigangUniv. of Kentucky
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.15 Add to My Program
Children Gender Recognition under Unconstrained Conditions Based on Contextual Information
Satta, RiccardoEuropean Commission - Joint Res. Centre
Galbally, JavierJoint Res. Centre, European Commission
Beslay, LaurentJoint Res. Centre, European Commission
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.16 Add to My Program
Down-Sampling Coupled to Elastic Kernel Machines for Efficient Recognition of Isolated Gestures
Marteau, Pierre-FrancoisUniv. De Bretagne Sud
Gibet, SylvieUniv. De Bretagne Sud
Reverdy, ClémentUniv. De Bretagne Sud
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.17 Add to My Program
Enhanced Human Parsing with Multiple Feature Fusion and Augmented Pose Model
Zhang, ZhaoxiangBeihang Univ
Hao, JianliangBeihang Univ
Wang, YunhongBeihang Univ
Zhao, YuhangBeihang Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.18 Add to My Program
Detection of Realistic Facial Occlusions for Robust 3D Face Recognition
Alyuz, NeseBogazici Univ
Gokberk, BerkUniv. of Twente
Akarun, LaleBogazici Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.19 Add to My Program
Learning Pose Dictionary for Human Action Recognition
Cai, Jia-xinSun Yat-Sen Univ
Tang, XinSun Yat-Sen Univ
Feng, Guo-canSun Yat-Sen Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.20 Add to My Program
Local Gradient Order Pattern for Face Representation and Recognition
Lei, ZhenInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Yi, DongInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Li, Stan Z.-CASIA
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.21 Add to My Program
Mid-Level-Representation Based Lexicon for Vehicle Make and Model Recognition
Fraz, MuhammadLoughborough Univ
Sarfraz, Muhammad SaquibKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
Edirisinghe, Eran AnushaLoughborough Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.22 Add to My Program
Periocular Recognition Using Unsupervised Convolutional RBM Feature Learning
Kumar, AjayThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.23 Add to My Program
Adaptive Security for Human Surveillance Using Multimodal Open Set Biometric Recognition
Kumar, AjayThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ
Kumar, AmioyIndian Inst. of Tech. Delhi
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.24 Add to My Program
Using Appearance-Based Hand Features for Dynamic RGB-D Gesture Recognition
Chen, XiAalto Univ
Koskela, MarkusAalto Univ. School of Science
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.25 Add to My Program
A Local Approach for Negative Emotion Detection
Lablack, AdelUmr Ustl/cnrs 8022
Danisman, TanerLille 1 Univ
Bilasco, Ioan MariusUniv. Lille 1
Djeraba, ChabaneUmr Ustl/cnrs 8022
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.26 Add to My Program
A Multimodal Approach for Recognizing Human Actions Using Depth Information
Keçeli, Ali SeydiHacettepe Univ
Can, Ahmet BurakHacettepe Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.27 Add to My Program
A Preliminary Study of Lower Leg Geometry As a Soft Biometric Trait for Forensic Investigation
Islam, Md. RabiulNanyang Tech. Univ
Chan, Kin SunNanyang Tech. Univ
Kong, AdamsNanyang Tech. Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.28 Add to My Program
Activity Recognition for a Smartphone Based Travel Survey Based on Cross-User History Data
Kim, YoungsungSingapore-MIT Alliance for Res. and Tech. (SMART)
C. Pereira, FranciscoSingapore-MIT Alliance for Res. and Tech. (SMART)
Zhao, FangSingapore-MIT Alliance for Res. and Tech. (SMART)
Ghorpade, AjinkyaSingapore-MIT Alliance for Res. and Tech. (SMART)
Zegras, P. ChristopherMassachusetts Inst. of Tech. (MIT)
Ben-Akiva, MosheMassachusetts Inst. of Tech. (MIT)
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.29 Add to My Program
Automatic Face Quality Assessment from Video Using Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix: An Empirical Study on Automatic Border Control System
Raghavendra, RGjøvik Univ. Coll
Kiran, B RajaGjøvik Univ. Coll
Yang, BianGjovik Univ. Coll
Busch, ChristophGjovik Univ. Coll
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.30 Add to My Program
Gait Recognition Using Flow Histogram Energy Image
Yang, YazhouNational Univ. of Defense Tech
Tu, DanNational Univ. of Defense Tech
Li, GuohuiNational Univ. of Defense Tech
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.31 Add to My Program
Human Hair Segmentation and Length Detection for Human Appearance Model
Wang, Yue(1) Inst. for Infocomm Res. Univ
Zhou, ZhiNanyang Tech. Univ
Teoh, Eam KhwangNtu.edu.sg
Su, BolanInst. for Infocomm Res
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.32 Add to My Program
Learning the Deep Features for Eye Detection in Uncontrolled Conditions
Wu, YueRPI
Ji, QiangRPI
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.33 Add to My Program
Learning to Rank the Severity of Unrepaired Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity on 3D Mesh Data
Wu, JiaUniv. of Washington
Tse, RaymondSeattle Children's Hospital
Shapiro, LindaUniv. of Washington
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.34 Add to My Program
Real-Time Pose-Invariant Face Recognition by Triplet Pose Sparse Matrix from Only a Single Image
Moeini, AliAmirkabir Univ. of Tech
Moeini, HosseinSemnan Univ
Faez, KarimAmirkabir Univ. of Tech
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.35 Add to My Program
Regularized Multi-View Multi-Metric Learning for Action Recognition
Wu, XuqingSchlumberger
Shah, ShishirUniv. of Houston
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.36 Add to My Program
Selection of Unknown Objects Specified by Speech Using Models Constructed from Web Images
Nishimura, HitoshiKobe Univ
Ozasa, YukoKobe Univ
Ariki, YasuoKobe Univ
Nakano, MikioHonda Res. Inst. Japan Co., Ltd
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.37 Add to My Program
Sensing Visual Attention by Sequential Patterns
Yamazaki, YasuyukiUniv. of Tsukuba
Hino, HideitsuUniv. of Tsukuba
Fukui, KazuhiroUniv. of Tsukuba
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.38 Add to My Program
Spatio-Temporal Keypoints for Video-Based Face Recognition
Franco, AnnalisaUniv. of Bologna
Maio, DarioUniv. of Bologna
Turroni, FrancescoUniv. of Bologna
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.39 Add to My Program
Using Leg Geometry to Align Androgenic Hair Patterns in Low Resolution Images for Criminal and Victim Identification
Chan, Kin SunNanyang Tech. Univ
Kong, AdamsNanyang Tech. Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.40 Add to My Program
View-Invariant 3D Action Recognition Using Spatiotemporal Self-Similarities from Depth Camera
Lee, A-ReumKorea Univ
Suk, Heung-IlKorea Univ
Lee, Seong-WhanKorea Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.41 Add to My Program
A Low Dimensionality Expression Robust Rejector for 3D Face Recognition
Gao, JiangningUniv. of Bath
Emambakhsh, MehryarUniv. of Bath
Evans, Adrian N.Univ. of Bath
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.42 Add to My Program
Dual Fuzzy Hypergraph Regularized Multi-Label Learning for Protein Subcellular Location Prediction
Chen, JingThe Faculty of Science and Tech. Univ. of Macau, Taip
Tang, YuanYanUniv. of Macao
Chen, C. L. PhilipThe Faculty of Science and Tech. Univ. of Macau, Taip
Lin, YueweiUniv. of South Carolina, Columbia, USA
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.43 Add to My Program
Optimal Feature Selection for Robust Classification Via L2, 1-Norms Regularization
Wen, JiajunHarbin Inst. of Tech. Shenzhen Graduate School
Lai, ZhihuiNanjing Univ. of Science and Tech
Wong, CalvinThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ
Cui, JinRongShenzhen Graduate School, Harbin Inst. of Tech
Wan, MinghuaNanchang Hangkong Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.44 Add to My Program
Boosted Stable Path for Staff-Line Detection Using Order Statistic Down-Scaling and Coarse-To-Fine Technique
Bui, Hoang-NamChonnam National Univ
Na, In-SeopChonnam National Univ
Lee, GueesangChonnam National Univ
Yang, Hyung-JeongChonnam National Univ
Kim, Soo-HyungChonnam National Univ
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.45 Add to My Program
A Ground Truth for Iris Segmentation
Hofbauer, HeinzUniv. of Salzburg
Alonso-Fernandez, FernandoHalmstad Univ
Wild, PeterUniv. of Reading
Bigun, JosefHalmstad Univ
Uhl, AndreasUniv. of Salzburg
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.46 Add to My Program
On the Scalability of Graphic Symbol Recognition
Salmon, Jean-PierreLABRI
Wendling, LaurentUniv. Paris Descartes
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.47 Add to My Program
Accurate Facial Landmarks Detection for Frontal Faces with Extended Tree-Structured Models
Liang, AntoniCurtin Univ
Liu, WanquanCurtin Univ. of Tech
Li, LingCurtin Univ. of Tech
Farid, Mir RizwanCurtin Univ
Le, VuongUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.48 Add to My Program
View-Invariant Gesture Recognition Using Nonparametric Shape Descriptor
Wu, XingyuBeihang Univ
Mao, XiaBeihang Univ
Chen, LijiangBeihang Univ
Xue, YuliBeihang Univ
Compare, AngeloUniv. of Bergamo
16:00-17:40, Paper MoBT4p.49 Add to My Program
Real Time Fingertip Detection with Kinect Depth Image Sequences
Yu, YuInst. of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Xi'an Jiaotong
Song, YonghongXi'an Jiaotong Univ
Zhang, YuanlinXian JiaoTong Univ




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