21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition
November 11-15, 2012, Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Japan

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Last updated on November 7, 2012. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday November 14, 2012

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WePSAT1 Main Hall
Poster Shotgun (07): PR Regular Session
Chair: Okuma, TakashiAIST
Co-Chair: Sumi, YasushiNational Inst. of Advanced IndustrialScienceandTechnology
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.1 
Multiple Kernel Discriminant Analysis
Liu, Xiao-ZhangSun Yat-sen Univ.
Feng, GuocanSun Yat-Sen Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.2 
A New Fall Detection Method Using Weightlessness-Like Status Detection from a Single Tri-Axial Accelerometer
Jin, LianwenSouth China Univ. of Tech.
Xue, YangSouthChina Univ. of Tech. China
Mao, HuiyunSouth China Univ. of Tech.
Zhang, HengzhiSouth China Univ. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.3 
Human Face Recognition under Occlusion Using LBP and Entropy Weighted Voting
Nikan, SoodehUniv. of Windsor
Ahmadi, MajidUniv. of Windsor
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.4 
Kernel Based Sparse Representation for Face Recognition
Qi, ZhuShenzhen Graduate School,Harbin Inst. of Tech.
Xu, YongHarbin Inst. of Tech.
Wang, JinghuaThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ.
Fan, ZizhuHarbin Inst. of Tech. EastChinaJiaotongUniversity
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.5 
Sparse Residue for Occluded Face Image Reconstruction and Classification
Wang, JinghuaThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ.
Xu, YongHarbin Inst. of Tech.
You, JaneThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.6 
Skin Detection Via Linear Regression Tree
PAN, ChunhongInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.7 
A Near-Optimal Non-Myopic Active Learning Method
Zhao, YueMinzu Univ. of China
Yang, GuoshengMinzu Univ. of China
Xu, XiaonaMinzu Univ. of China
Ji, QiangRPI
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.8 
Tensor Based Robust Color Face Recognition
Li, BillyCurtin Univ. of Tech.
Liu, WanquanCurtin Univ. of Tech.
An, SenjianCurtin Univ. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.9 
Closed-Form Information-Theoretic Divergences for Statistical Mixtures
NIELSEN, FrankSony Computer Science Lab. Inc
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.10 
Real-Time Smoke Detection Using Texture and Color Features
Wang, Yue(1) Inst. for Infocomm Res. Univ.
Chua, Teck WeeInst. for Infocomm Res.
Chang, RichardInst. for Infocomm Res.
Pham, Nam TrungInst. for Infocomm Res.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.11 
Combining Generative and Discriminative Models for Classifying Social Images from 101 Object Categories
Ballan, LambertoUniv. of Florence
Bertini, MarcoUniv. of Florence
Del Bimbo, AlbertoUniv. of Florence
Serain, Andrea M.Univ. of Florence
Serra, GiuseppeUniv. of Florence
Zaccone, Benito F.Univ. of Florence
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.12 
Classification of Kinematic Golf Putt Data with Emphasis on Feature Selection
Jensen, UlfUniv. Erlangen-Nuremberg
Dassler, Frankadidas Group
Eskofier, BjoernUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.13 
Real-Time 3D Face Identification from a Depth Camera
Choi, JongmooUniv. of Southern California
Medioni, GerardUniv. of Southern California
Dugelay, Jean-LucEurécom
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.14 
Spectral Correspondence Method for Fingerprint Minutia Matching
Fu, XiangPeking Univ. Scie
Liu, ChongjinPeking Univ. of Electronics Engineering andComputer
Bian, JunjiePeking Univ.
Feng, JufuPeking Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.15 
Hypergraph Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Gender Classification
Zhang, ZhihongUniv. of York
Hancock, EdwinUniv. of York
Ren, PengChina Univ. of Petroleum (Huadong)
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.16 
Evaluation of Canonical Correlation Analysis: A Correlation Generation Model
Su, YaTsinghua Univ.
Wang, ShengjinTsinghua Univ.
Fu, YunSUNY at Buffalo
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.17 
Submanifold Decomposition
Su, YaTsinghua Univ.
Wang, ShengjinTsinghua Univ.
Fu, YunSUNY at Buffalo
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.18 
Camera View Usage of Binary Infrared Sensors for Activity Recognition
Tao, ShuaiHokkaido Univ.
Kudo, MineichiHokkaido Univ.
Nonaka, HidetoshiHokkaido Univ.
Toyama, JunHokkaido Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.19 
Using K-Nearest Neighbors to Handle Missing Weak Classifiers in a Boosted Cascade
Bouges, PierreBlaise Pascal Univ.
Chateau, ThierryBlaise Pascal Univ.
Blanc, ChristopheBlaise Pascal Univ.
Loosli, GaelleBlaise Pascal Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.20 
Structural Analysis of Protein Secondary Structure by GHT
Cantoni, VirginioPavia Univ.
Ferone, AlessioUniv. of Naples Parthenope
Ozbudak, OzlemIstanbul Tech. Univ.
Petrosino, AlfredoUniv. of Naples "Parthenope"
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.21 
Recovering Human Pose in 3D by Visual Manifolds
Wang, ZibinThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Chung, Chi-kit RonaldThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.22 
Graph Kernels Based on Relevant Patterns and Cycle Information for Chemoinformatics
Gaüzère, BenoitUniv. de Caen, CNRS UMR 6072, GREYC, ENSICAEN
Villemin, DidierCNRS UMR 6507 LCMT, ENSICAEN
Brun, MyriamUniv. de Caen, CNRS UMR 6072, GREYC, ENSICAEN
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.23 
ARMA-HMM: A New Approach for Early Recognition of Human Activity
Li, KangSUNY at Buffalo
Fu, YunSUNY at Buffalo
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.24 
Confidence-Assisted Classification Result Refinement for Object Recognition Featuring TopN-Exemplar-SVM
Yamasaki, ToshihikoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Chen, TsuhanCornell Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.25 
Unsupervised Spectral Feature Selection for Face Recognition
Zhang, ZhihongUniv. of York
Hancock, EdwinUniv. of York
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.26 
MEG Spatio-Temporal Source Reconstruction with Basis Functions Source Model
KAN, JingUniv. of York
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.27 
Detection of Eyes by Circular Hough Transform and Histgram of Gradient
Ito, YasutakaMie Univ.
Ohyama, WataruMie Univ.
Wakabayashi, TetsushiMie Univ.
Kimura, FumitakaMie Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.28 
Medical Prognosis Based on Patient Similarity and Expert Feedback
Wang, FeiIBM T. J. Watson Res. Center
Hu, JianyingIBM
Sun, JimengIBM T. J. Watson Res. Center
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.29 
Theoretical Analysis of Learning Local Anchors for Classification
Pang, JunbiaoBeijing Uinversity of Tech.
Huang, QingmingChinese Acad. of Sciences
Yin, BaocaiBeijing Univ. of Tech.
qin, leiInst. of Computing Tech. Chinese Acad. ofSciences, C
Wang, DanBeijing Uinversity of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.30 
Sparse Representation for Motion Primitive-Based Human Activity Modeling and Recognition Using Wearable Sensors
Zhang, MiUniv. of Southern California
Xu, WenyaoUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Sawchuk, AlexanderUniv. of Southern California
Sarrafzadeh, MajidUCLA
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.31 
Looking for the Brain Stroke Signature
O'Reilly, ChristianEc. Pol. de Montreal
Plamondon, RéjeanÉcole Pol. de Montréal
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.32 
A Nonparametric Bayesian Poisson Gamma Model for Count Data
Gupta, Sunil KumarDeakin Univ.
Phung, DinhDeakin Univ.
Venkatesh, SvethaCurtin Univ. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.33 
Soft Decision Trees
Irsoy, OzanBogazici Univ.
Yildiz, Olcay TanerIsik Univ.
Alpaydin, EthemBogazici Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.34 
Finding Discriminative Features for Raman Spectroscopy
Kemmler, MichaelFriedrich Schiller Univ. of Jena, Germany
Denzler, JoachimFriedrich-Schiller Univ. of Jena
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.35 
Iterative Neighbor-Joining Tree Clustering Algorithm for Genotypic Data
Amornbunchornvej, ChainarongKing Mongkut's Inst. of Tech. Ladkrabang
Limpiti, TulayaKing Mongkut's Inst. of Tech. Ladkrabang
Assawamakin, AnunchaiNational Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Intarapanich, ApichartNational Electronics and Computer Tech. Center
Tongsima, SissadesNational Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.36 
Dominant Set and Target Clique Extraction
Hou, JianBohai Univ.
E, XuBohai Univ.
Chi, LeiBohai Univ.
Xia, QiHarbin Inst. of Tech.
Qi, Nai-MingHarbin Inst. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.37 
Video Privacy Filters with Tolerance to Segmentation Errors for Video Conferencing and Surveillance
O'Gorman, LawrenceAlcatel-Lucent Bell Lab.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.38 
Facial Expression Recognition Based on Discriminative Dictionary Learning
Liu, WeifengChina Univ. of Petroleum (East China)
Song, CaifengChina Univ. of Petroleum (East China)
Wang, YanjiangChina Univ. of Petroleum
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.39 
Tracking Tetrahymena Pyriformis Cells Using Decision Trees
Wang, QuanRensselaer Pol. Inst.
Ou, YanRensselaer Pol. Inst.
Julius, AgungRensselaer Pol. Inst.
Boyer, KimRensselaer Pol. Inst.
Kim, Min JunDrexel Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.40 
Illumination Normalization of Face Images with Cast Shadows
Matsukawa, TetsuThe Univ. of Tokyo
Okabe, TakahiroThe Univ. of Tokyo
Sato, YoichiUniv. of Tokyo
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.41 
Null QQ Plots: A Simple Graphical Alternative to Significance Testing for the Comparison of Classifiers
Berrar, DanielTokyo Inst. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.42 
Automated Mitosis Detection Based on Exclusive Independent Component Analysis
Huang, Chao-HuiBioinformatics Inst. (BII), Agency forScience,Tech. and
LEE, Hwee KuanBioinformatics Inst. (BII), Agency forScience,Tech. and
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.43 
Ensemble Learning for Change-Point Prediction
Hirade, RyoIBM Japan
Yoshizumi, TakayukiIBM
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.44 
Concurrent Propagation for Solving Ill-Posed Problems of Global Discrete Optimisation
Gimel'farb, GeorgyUniv. of Auckland
Gong, RuiUniv. of Auckland
Nicolescu, RaduUniv. of Auckland
Delmas, PatriceThe Univ. of Auckland
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT1.45 
Human Action Recognition Based on Sparse Representation Induced by L1/L2 Regulations
Gao, ZanTianjin Univ. of Tech.
liu, ananTJU
zhang, huaTJUT
xu, guang-pingTJUT
xue, yanbingTJUT
WePSAT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Poster Shotgun (08): SS Regular Session
Chair: Okuma, TakashiAIST
Co-Chair: Sumi, YasushiNational Inst. of Advanced IndustrialScienceandTechnology
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.1 
Motion Blur Free Photometric Stereo Using Correlation Image Sensor
Kurihara, ToruUniv. of Tokyo
Ando, ShigeruUniv. of Tokyo
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.2 
Simultaneous Reflectance Estimation and Surface Shape Recovery Using Polarisation
Zhang, LichiUniv. of York
Hancock, EdwinUniv. of York
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.3 
Facial Emotion Recognition in Continuous Video
Cruz, AlbertoUniv. of California, Riverside
Bhanu, BirUniv. of California
Thakoor, NinadUniv. of California, Riverside
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.4 
A Novel Spatial-Temporal Multi-Scale Method for Detection and Analysis of Infrared Multiple Moving Objects
Zhang, TianxuHuazhong Univ. of Science andTechnology, Wuhan
Li, HaoHuazhong Univ. of Science andTechnology, Wuhan
Li, GaofeiHuazhong Univ. of Science andTechnology, Wuhan
Chen, JianchongHuazhong Univ. of ScienceandTechnology, Wuhan430074
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.5 
Classification Oriented Semi-Supervised Band Selection for Hyperspectral Images
Bai, JunInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Xiang, ShimingInst. ofAutomation,Chinese Acad. of Sciences
PAN, ChunhongInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.6 
Key Frame Selection Based on Jensen-Renyi Divergence
Xu, QingTianjin Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.7 
Arbitrarily Oriented Text Detection Using Geodesic Distances between Corners and Skeletons
Zhang, YongSun Yat-senUniversity
Lai, Jian-huangSun Yat-sen Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.8 
A Spectral Reflectance Representation for Recognition and Reproduction
Ratnasingam, SivalogeswaranNICTA
Robles-Kelly, AntonioNICTA
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.9 
Context-Aware Horror Video Scene Recognition Via Cost-Sensitive Sparse Coding
Ding, XinmiaoChina Univ. of Mining and Tech.
Li, BingNational Lab. of Pattern Recognition, Inst. of Automa
Hu, WeimingNational Lab. of Pattern Recognition,Inst.
Xiong, weihuaOmnivision Corp.
Wang, ZhenchongChina Univ. of Mining and Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.10 
Pan-Sharpening Using Weighted Red-Black Wavelet
Liu, QingjieBeiHang Univ.
Wang, YunhongBeihang Univ.
Zhang, ZhaoxiangBeihang Univ.
Liu, LiningBeihang Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.11 
A Color Chart Detection Method for Automatic Color Correction
Minagawa, AkihiroFujitsu Lab. LTD
Katsuyama, YutakaFUJITSU Lab. LTD.
Takebe, HiroakiFujitsu Lab. Ltd.
Hotta, YoshinobuFujitsu Lab. LTD.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.12 
Single Image Super-Resolution Using Gaussian Mixture Model
He, HuaYongSchool of Information Science and Tech. The computerapplica
Li, JianHongSchool of Information Science andTechnologyThecomputerapplicatio
Luo, XiaonanSun Yat-sen Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.13 
Multi Scale Multi Structuring Element Top-Hat Transform for Linear Feature Detection
Xiangzhi, BaiBeihang Univ.
Fugen, ZhouBeihang Univ.
Bindang, XueBeihang Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.14 
Joint Multi-Frame Super-Resolution and Matting
Prabhu, SahanaIITM
Ambasamudram, RajagopalanIndian Inst. of Tech. Madras
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.15 
Locally Linear Embedding Based Example Learning for Pan-Sharpening
Liu, QingjieBeiHang Univ.
Liu, LiningBeihang Univ.
Wang, YunhongBeihang Univ.
Zhang, ZhaoxiangBeihang Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.16 
Envelope Extraction for Composite Shapes for Shape Retrieval
Song, JianguoInst. of Computer Science & Tech.
Lu, XiaoqingPeking Univ.
Ling, HaibinTemple Univ.
Wang, XiaoPeking Univ.
Tang, ZhiPeking Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.17 
Image Super-Resolution by Structural Sparse Coding
Ren, JiePeking Univ.
Liu, JiayingPeking Univ.
Wang, MengyanPeking Univ.
Guo, ZongmingPeking Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.18 
Estimation of the Human Performance for Pedestrian Detectability Based on Visual Search and Motion Features
Wakayama, MasashiNagoya Univ.
Deguchi, DaisukeNagoya Univ.
Doman, KeisukeNagoya Univ.
Ide, IchiroNagoya Univ.
Murase, HiroshiNagoya Univ.
Tamatsu, YukimasaDENSO Corp.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.19 
A Hybrid Approach for Artificial Urdu Text Detection in Video Images
Jamil, AkhtarCOMSATS Inst. of Information Tech.
Abidi, AliNational Univ. of Sciences & Tech.
Siddiqi, ImranBahria Univ.
Arif, FahimNational Univ. of Sciences & Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.20 
Image Super-Resolution Based on Locality-Constrained Linear Coding
Taniguchi, KazukiRitsumeikan Univ.
Han, Xian-HuaRitsumeikan Univ.
Iwamoto, YutaroRitsumeikan Univ.
Sasatani, SoRitsumeikan Univ.
Chen, Yen-weiRitsumeikan Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.21 
Color Maximal-Dissimilarity Pattern for Pedestrian Detection
Wang, QingyuanGraduate Univ. of Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Pang, JunbiaoBeijing Uinversity of Tech.
liu, guoyinec Lab. china
qin, leiInst. of Computing Tech. Chinese Acad. C
Huang, QingmingChinese Acad. of Sciences
Jiang, ShuqiangChinese Acad. of Sciences
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.22 
A Tracking Based Fast Online Complete Video Synopsis Approach
Sun, LeiTsinghua Univ. Beijing, China
Xing, JunliangTsinghua Univ.
Ai, HaizhouTsinghua Univ. China
LAO, ShihongOMRON Social Solutions Co., LTD
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.23 
Sorted Dominant Local Color for Searching Large and Heterogeneous Image Databases
Vidal, MarcioFederal Univ. of Amazonas
Cavalcanti, JoãoFederal Univ. of Amazonas
Silva de Moura, EdlenoFederal Univ. of Amazonas
da Silva, AltigranUniv. Federal do Amazonas
Torres, RicardoInst. of Computing, Univ. of Campinas
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.24 
Indexed Heat Curves for 3D-Model Retrieval
EL Khoury, Rachidtelecom lille1
Vandeborre, Jean-PhilippeUniv. of Lille 1
Daoudi, MohamedTELECOM Lille1
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.25 
Nonlocal Processing of 3D Colored Point Clouds
François, LozesUniv. de Caen Basse-Normandie GREYC UMR 6072
elmoataz, abderrahimUniv. de Caen Basse-Normandie
lezoray, olivierUniv. de Caen Basse-Normandie
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.26 
Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Kernel Reduced-Rank Regression
Wenming, ZhengSoutheast Univ.
Zhou, XiaoyanNanjing Univ. of Information Science & Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.27 
Context-Aware Learning for Automatic Sports Highlight Recognition
Ghanem, BernardKing Abdullah Univ. of Science and Tech.
Kreidieh, MayaAmerican Univ. of Beirut
Farra, MarcAmerican Univ. of Beirut
Zhang, TianzhuAdvanced Digital Sciences Center of Illinois
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.28 
No Reference Measurement of Contrast Distortion and Optimal Contrast Enhancement
Xu, HongtengShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Zhai, GuangtaoShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
YANG, XiaokangShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.29 
Enhanced Semantic Descriptors for Functional Scene Categorization
Zen, GloriaUniv. of Trento
Rostamzadeh, NegarUniv. of Trento
Staiano, JacopoUniv. of Trento
Ricci, ElisaUniv. of Perugia
Sebe, NicuUniv. of Trento
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.30 
Active Contours Segmentation with Edge Based and Local Region Based
Srikham, ManassananChulalongkorn Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.31 
Robust Detection of Adventitious Lung Sounds in Electronic Auscultation Signals
Sakai, TomoyaNagasaki Univ.
Kato, MadokaNagasaki Univ.
Miyahara, SueharuNagasaki Univ.
Kiyasu, SenyaNagasaki Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.32 
A Classwise Supervised Ordering Approach for Morphology Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
COURTY, NicolasUniv. of Bretagne Sud
Aptoula, ErchanOkan Univ.
Lefèvre, SébastienUniv. of South Brittany
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.33 
Unsupervised People Organization and Its Application on Individual Retrieval from Videos
Hao, Pengyiwaseda Univ.
kamata, Sei-ichiroWaseda Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.34 
Sparse Representation of Audio Features for Sputum Detection from Lung Sounds
Yamashita, TatsuyaGifu Univ.
tamura, satoshiGifu Univ.
Hayashi, KenjiGifu Univ.
Nishimoto, YutakaGifu Univ.
Hayamizu, SatoruGifu Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.35 
Circular Object Detection Method Based on Separability and Uniformity of Feature Distributions Using Bhattacharyya Coefficient
Niigaki, HitoshiNippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
Shimamura, JunNTT Corp.
Morimoto, MasashiNTT Corp.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.36 
Adaptive Support-Window Approximation to Bilateral Filtering
Lin, Guo-ShiangDa-Yeh Univ.
Chen, Chun-YuNational Chung Cheng Univ.
Kuo, Chun-TingNational Chung Cheng Univ.
Lie, Wen-NungNational Chung Cheng Univ.
Liu, Kai-CheMedical Image Res. Department, Asian Inst. of TeleSurger
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.37 
Multiple-Food Recognition Considering Co-Occurrence Employing Manifold Ranking
Matsuda, YujiThe Univ. of Electro-Communications, Tokyo
Yanai, KeijiThe Univ. of Electro-Commnications, Tokyo
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.38 
Spatiotemporal Saliency Based on Distributed Opponent Oriented Energy
Zhou, YueShanghai Jiaotong Univ. Inst. of image processing& pat
Shi, KunShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.39 
Image Enhancement by Wavelet Multi-Scale Edge Statistics
Liew, Alan Wee-ChungGriffith Univ.
Jo, JunGriffith Univ.
Chun, Yong-SikKorea Aerospace Res. Inst.
Tae-Hong, AhnChonnam Tech. Univ.
Tae Byong, ChaeKorea Aerospace Res. Inst.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.40 
A Semi-Lagrangian Scheme for Area Preserving Flow
carlini, elisabettaSapienza Univ. di Roma
Ferretti, RobertoUniv. di Roma Tre
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.41 
Enhancement and Noise Reduction of Very Low Light Level Images
Zhang, XiangdongXidian Univ.
Shen, PeiyiXidian Univ.
Luo, LingliXidian Univ.
Zhang, LiangXidian Univ.
Song, JuanXidian Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.42 
Visual Attention Region Determination for H.264 Videos
Hu, Kang-TingNational Chung Cheng Univ.
Leou, Jin-JangNational Chung Cheng Univ.
Hsiao, Han-HuiNational Chung Cheng Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.43 
Node Localization in Unsynchronized Time of Arrival Sensor Networks
Burgess, SimonLund Univ.
Kuang, YubinLund Univ.
Astroem, KalleLund Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.44 
Video Summarization Using Simple Action Patterns
Aydemir, M. SaidYildiz Tech. Univ.
Ergul, UgurYildiz Tech. Univ.
Guclu, AdemYildiz Tech. Univ.
Karsligil, M. ElifYildiz Tech. Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.45 
A Probabilistic Framework for Logo Detection and Localization in Natural Scene Images
Roy, AnkushIndian Statistical Inst.
Garain, UtpalIndian Statistical Inst.
08:30-09:00, Paper WePSAT2.46 
Guided Inpainting and Filtering for Kinect Depth Maps
Liu, JunyiZhejiang Univ.
Gong, XiaojinZhejiang Univ.
Liu, JilinZhejiang Univ.
WeAT1 Main Hall
Invited Talk Session-III Regular Session
Chair: Yagi, YasushiOsaka Univ.
Co-Chair: Suzuki, KenjiThe Univ. of Chicago
09:00-09:40, Paper WeAT1.1 
Patient and Process Specific Imaging and Visualization for Computer Assisted Interventions (Invited Talk)
Navab, NassirTech. Univ. München, Chair for Computer AidedMedical
09:40-10:00, Paper WeAT1.2 
Constrained-MSER Detection of Retinal Pathology
Lim, Yong San GilbertNational Univ. of Singapore
Lee, Mong LiNational Univ. of Singapore
Hsu, WynneNational Univ. of Singapore
10:00-10:20, Paper WeAT1.3 
Automatic Localization of the Macula in a Supervised Graph-Based Approach with Contextual Superpixel Features
Wong, Wing Kee DamonInst. for Infocomm Res.
Liu, Jiang, JimmyInst. for Infocomm Res. A-STAR
Tan, Ngan-MengInst. for Infocomm Res.
Yin, FengshouInst. for Infocomm Res.
Cheng, XiangangInst. for Infocomm Res.
Cheung, Gemmy C.M.Singapore Eye Res. Inst.
bhargava, MayuriSingapore Eye Res. Inst.
Wong, Tien YinSingapore Eye Res. Inst.
10:20-10:40, Paper WeAT1.4 
Classification of Drusen Positions in Optical Coherence Tomography Data from Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Dufour, Pascal AndreUniv. of Bern
De Zanet, SandroUniv. of Bern
Wolf-Schnurrbusch, UteUniv. Hospital Bern
Kowal, JensUniv. of Bern
WeAT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Low-Level and Physics-Based Vision Regular Session
Chair: Horiuchi, TakahikoChiba Univ.
Co-Chair: Wang, HanziXiamen Univ.
09:00-09:20, Paper WeAT2.1 
Image Super-Resolution Based on Multikernel Regression
Gu, YingXiamen Univ.
Qu, YanyunXiamen Univ.
Fang, TianzhuXiamen Univ.
Li, cuihuaXiamen Univ.
Wang, HanziXiamen Univ.
09:20-09:40, Paper WeAT2.2 
Predicting Environment Illumination Effects on Material Appearance
Filip, JiriInst. of Information Theory and Automation of the AS CR
Haindl, MichaelInst. of Information Theory and Automation
Stancik, JaroslavVaros s.r.o.
09:40-10:00, Paper WeAT2.3 
Tangent Estimation Along 3D Digital Curves
Postolski, MichalUniv. Paris-Est, Lab. Eq
Janaszewski, MarcinTech. Univ. of Lodz, Computer EngineeringDepartment
Kenmochi, YukikoUniv. Paris-Est
Lachaud, Jacques-OlivierLab. of Mathematics (UMR CNRS 5127), Univ. of Savoie,
10:00-10:20, Paper WeAT2.4 
Estimation of Multiple Light Sources from Specular Highlights
Kato, YuChiba Univ.
Horiuchi, TakahikoChiba Univ.
Tominaga, ShojiChiba Univ.
10:20-10:40, Paper WeAT2.5 
Depth-Adaptive Superpixels
Weikersdorfer, DavidTech. Univ. München
Gossow, DavidTech. Univ. München
Beetz, MichaelTech. Univ. München
WeAT3 Room 101+102
Shape Analysis Regular Session
Chair: Kittler, JosefUniv. of Surrey
Co-Chair: Robles-Kelly, AntonioNICTA
09:00-09:20, Paper WeAT3.1 
Shape Analysis on the Hypersphere of Wavelet Densities
Moyou, Mark MatthewFlorida Inst. of Tech.
Peter, AdrianFlorida Inst. of Tech.
09:20-09:40, Paper WeAT3.2 
A Grassmann Manifold-Based Domain Adaptation Approach
Zheng, JingjingUniv. of Maryland, Coll. Park
Liu, Ming-YuMitsubishi Electric Res. Lab.
Chellappa, RamaUniv. of Maryland
Phillips, JonathonNIST
09:40-10:00, Paper WeAT3.3 
Extracting Planar Structures Efficiently with Revisited BetaSAC
Decrouez, Marion CarolineINRIA Rhone-Alpes
Romain, DupontCEA LIST
Gaspard, FrancoisCEA LIST
Crowley, JamesINP Grenoble
10:00-10:20, Paper WeAT3.4 
Fast and Robust Monocular 3D Deformable Shape Estimation for Inextensible and Smooth Surfaces
Ferraz, LuisUniv. Pompeu Fabra
Binefa, XavierUniv. Pompeu Fabra
10:20-10:40, Paper WeAT3.5 
Detecting Discontinuities for Surface Reconstruction
Wang, YintingZhejiang Univ.
Bu, jiajunZhejiang Univ.
Li, NaZhejiang International Studies Univ.
Song, MingliZhejiang Univ.
Tan, PingNational Univ. of Singapore
WeAT4 Hall 200
Tracking Regular Session
Chair: Elgammal, AhmedRutgers Univ.
Co-Chair: Svoboda, TomasCzech Tech. Univ. Faculty of Electrical Engineering
09:00-09:20, Paper WeAT4.1 
Robust Tracking by Accounting for Hard Negatives Explicitly
Lei, PengBeijing Inst. of Tech. Hill Res.
Wu, TianfuLotus Hill Res. Inst.
Pei, MingtaoBeijing Inst. of Tech.
Ming, AnlongBeijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
Yao, ZhenyuBeijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications;Lotus Hill Re
09:20-09:40, Paper WeAT4.2 
Point Track Creation in Unordered Image Collections Using Gomory-Hu Trees
Svärm, LinusLund Univ.
Zhayida, SimayijiangLund Univ.
Enqvist, OlofLund Univ.
Olsson, CarlLund Univ.
09:40-10:00, Paper WeAT4.3 
Robust Visual Tracking with the Cross-Bin Metric
lv, ChaoxinXiamen Univ.
Yan, YanXiamen Univ.
Wang, HanziXiamen Univ.
10:00-10:20, Paper WeAT4.4 
Tracking with Context As a Semi-Supervised Learning and Labeling Problem
Cerman, LukášCenter for Machine Perception, Department ofCybernetics,Faculty
Hlavac, VaclavCzech Tech. Univ. Faculty of ElectricalEngineering
10:20-10:40, Paper WeAT4.5 
Camera Tracking Based on Circular Point Factorization
Calvet, LilianUniv. of Toulouse, IRIT
GURDJOS, PIERREUniv. of Toulouse
Charvillat, VincentIRIT
WeAT5 Hall 300
Learning-I Regular Session
Chair: Uchida, SeiichiKyushu Univ.
Co-Chair: He, RanInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
09:00-09:20, Paper WeAT5.1 
Set-Valued Bayesian Inference with Probabilistic Equivalence
Le Capitaine, HoelUniv. of Nantes
09:20-09:40, Paper WeAT5.2 
Robust Multiple Model Estimation with Jensen-Shannon Divergence
Zhou, KaiInst. of Automation and Control, Vienna Univ. ofTechnol
Varadarajan, Karthik MaheshTU Wien
Zillich, MichaelVienna Univ. of Tech.
Vincze, MarkusTU Wien
09:40-10:00, Paper WeAT5.3 
Multi-Label Learning Vector Quantization Algorithm
Jin, Xiao-BoHenan Univ. of Tech.
Geng, Guang-GangComputer Network Information Center,Chinese Acad. ofScience
Yu, JunweiSchool of Information Science and Engineering, Henan Univ.
Zhang, DexianSchool of Information Science and Engineering, Henan Univ.
10:00-10:20, Paper WeAT5.4 
Centroid-Based Clustering for Graph Datasets
Chen, LifeiFujian Normal Univ.
Wang, ShengruiUniv. of Sherbrooke
Yan, XuanhuiFujian Normal Univ.
10:20-10:40, Paper WeAT5.5 
Recursive NMF: Efficient Label Tree Learning for Large Multi-Class Problems
Liu, LeiMichigan State Univ.
Comar, PrakashMichigan State Univ.
Saha, SabyasachiNarus Inc.
Tan, Pang-NingMichigan State Univ.
Nucci, AntonioNarus Inc.
WePAT6 Room 201+202
Poster Session (07, 08) Poster Session
Chair: Nobuhara, HajimeUniv. of Tsukuba
Co-Chair: Hirota, KoichiThe Univ. of Tokyo
WeBT1 Main Hall
Mixed Reality and Human Computer Interaction Regular Session
Chair: Kato, HirokazuNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Co-Chair: Robles-Kelly, AntonioNICTA
11:20-11:40, Paper WeBT1.1 
Exploiting Sensors on Mobile Phones to Improve Wide-Area Localization
Arth, ClemensGraz Univ. of Tech.
Mulloni, AlessandroGraz Univ. of Tech.
Schmalstieg, DieterGraz Univ. of Tech.
11:40-12:00, Paper WeBT1.2 
Robust Model-Based Tracking Considering Changes in the Measurable DoF of the Target Object
Kumagai, KenzoNara Inst. of science and Tech.
Oikawa, Marina AtsumiNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Taketomi, TakafumiNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Yamamoto, GoshiroNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Miyazaki, JunNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Kato, HirokazuNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
12:00-12:20, Paper WeBT1.3 
Combining Contrast Saliency and Region Discontinuity for Precise Hand Segmentation in Projector-Camera System
Dai, JingwenThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Chung, Chi-kit RonaldThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
12:20-12:40, Paper WeBT1.4 
Shadow Detection Via Rayleigh Scattering and Mie Theory
Gu, Linthe Australian National Univ.
Robles-Kelly, AntonioNICTA
12:40-13:00, Paper WeBT1.5 
Iterative Clustering and Support Vectors-Based High-Confidence Query Selection for Motor Imagery EEG Signals Classification
Yang, HuijuanInst. for Infocomm Res. A*STAR
Guan, CuntaiInst. for Infocomm Res.
Ang, Kai KengInst. for Infocomm Res. A*STAR
Zhang, HaihongInst. for Infocomm Res.
Wang, ChuanchuInst. for Infocomm Res.
WeBT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Computational Photography Regular Session
Chair: Pal, ChrisÉcole Pol. Montréal
Co-Chair: Sato, JunNagoya Inst. of Tech.
11:20-11:40, Paper WeBT2.1 
Learning Human Preferences to Sharpen Images
NAM, MYRAUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ahuja, Narendra-UIUC
11:40-12:00, Paper WeBT2.2 
Deblurring Depth Blur and Motion Blur Simultaneously by Using Space-Time Coding
Naito, RyosukeNagoya Inst. of Tech.
Kobayashi, TakeyukiNagoya Inst. of Tech.
SAKAUE, FumihikoNagoya Inst. of Tech.
Sato, JunNagoya Inst. of Tech.
12:00-12:20, Paper WeBT2.3 
8-D Reflectance Field for Computational Photography
Tagawa, SeiichiOsaka Univ.
Mukaigawa, YasuhiroOsaka Univ.
Yagi, YasushiOsaka Univ.
12:20-12:40, Paper WeBT2.4 
Assessment of Photo Aesthetics with Efficiency
Lo, Kuo-YenAcad. Sinica
LIU, KENG-HAOAcad. Sinica
Chen, Chu-SongAcad. Sinica
12:40-13:00, Paper WeBT2.5 
Video Upscaling with Spatio-Temporal Self-Similar Examples
Ayvaci, AlperUCLA
Jin, HailinAdobe Systems Incorporated
Lin, ZheAdobe
Cohen, ScottAdobe Systems
Soatto, StefanoUCLA
WeBT3 Room 101+102
Registration and Correspondence Regular Session
Chair: Goldgof, DmitryUniv. of South Florida
Co-Chair: Laurendeau, DenisUniv. Laval
11:20-11:40, Paper WeBT3.1 
Surface Matching by Curvature Distribution Images Generated Via Gaze Modeling
Maeda, MakotoKyushu Inst. of Tech.
Nakamae, TakashiKyushu Inst. of Tech.
Inoue, KatsuhiroKyushu Inst. of Tech.
11:40-12:00, Paper WeBT3.2 
Enhancing Motion Segmentation by Combination of Complementary Affinities
Zografos, VasileiosLinkoping Univ.
12:00-12:20, Paper WeBT3.3 
3D Tracking of Deformable Surface by Propagating Feature Correspondences
Liu, YeFudan Univ.
Chen, Yan QiuFudan Univ.
12:20-12:40, Paper WeBT3.4 
Realtime 2D Video/3D LiDAR Registration
Bodensteiner, ChristophFraunhofer IOSB
Arens, MichaelFraunhofer IOSB
12:40-13:00, Paper WeBT3.5 
3D Shape Isometric Correspondence by Spectral Assignment
pan, xiangzhejiang Univ. of Tech.
Shapiro, LindaUniv. of Washington
WeBT4 Hall 200
Classification and Tracking Regular Session
Chair: Mori, GregSimon Fraser Univ.
Co-Chair: Yuen, Pong CHong Kong Baptist Univ.
11:20-11:40, Paper WeBT4.1 
Soft-Signed Sparse Coding for Ground-Based Cloud Classification
liu, shuangInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Wang, ChunhengInst. of Automation Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Xiao, BaihuaInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
zhang, zhongInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Shao, YunxueInst. of Automation Chinese Acad. of Sciences
11:40-12:00, Paper WeBT4.2 
Enhancing Cross-View Object Classification by Feature-Based Transfer Learning
Mo, YiBeihang Univ.
Zhang, ZhaoxiangBeihang Univ.
Wang, YunhongBeihang Univ.
12:00-12:20, Paper WeBT4.3 
Semantic Superpixel Based Vehicle Tracking
Liu, LiweiTsinghua Univ.
Xing, JunliangTsinghua Univ.
Ai, HaizhouTsinghua Univ. China
LAO, ShihongOMRON Social Solutions Co., LTD
12:20-12:40, Paper WeBT4.4 
Efficient UAV Video Event Summarization
Trinh, HoangIBM Res.
Li, JunIBM Res.
Miyazawa, SachikoIBM Res.
Moreno, JuanIBM Res.
Pankanti, SharathIBM Res.
12:40-13:00, Paper WeBT4.5 
Multiple Local Kernel Integrated Feature Selection for Image Classification
Sun, YuUniv. of California, Riverside
Bhanu, BirUniv. of California
WeBT5 Hall 300
Learning-II Regular Session
Chair: Deguchi, DaisukeNagoya Univ.
Co-Chair: Bhanu, BirUniv. of California
11:20-11:40, Paper WeBT5.1 
Composite Likelihood Estimation for Restricted Boltzmann Machines
Yasuda, MunekiTohoku Univ.
Kataoka, ShunTohoku Univ.
Waizumi, YujiTohoku Univ.
Tanaka, KazuyukiGraduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku Univ.
11:40-12:00, Paper WeBT5.2 
I Don't Know the Label: Active Learning with Blind Knowledge
Fang, MengUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Zhu, XingquanFlorida Atlantic Univ.
12:00-12:20, Paper WeBT5.3 
Map Matching with Hidden Markov Model on Sampled Road Network
Raymond, RudyIBM Res. -- Tokyo
Morimura, TetsuroIBM Res. - Tokyo
Osogami, TakayukiIBM Res. - Tokyo
Hirosue, NoriakiKyoto Univ.
12:20-12:40, Paper WeBT5.4 
Multi-Task Signal Recovery by Higher Level Hyper-Parameter Sharing
Ali Pitchay, SakinahUniv. of Birmingham
Kaban, AtaUniv. of Birmingham
12:40-13:00, Paper WeBT5.5 
Learning Markov Networks by Analytic Center Cutting Plane Method
Antoniuk, KostiantynCenter for Applied Cybernetics Faculty of ElectricalEngineering,
Franc, VojtechCzech Tech. Univ. in Prague
Hlavac, VaclavCzech Tech. Univ. Faculty of ElectricalEngineering
WePSBT1 Main Hall
Poster Shotgun (09): PR Regular Session
Chair: Okuma, TakashiAIST
Co-Chair: Sumi, YasushiNational Inst. of Advanced IndustrialScienceandTechnology
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.1 
HDP-MRF: A Hierarchical Nonparametric Model for Image Segmentation
Nakamura, TakumaWaseda Univ.
Harada, TatsuhiroWaseda Univ.
Suzuki, TomohikoWaseda Univ.
Matsumoto, TakashiWaseda Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.2 
Classification of Surfaces and Inclinations During Outdoor Running Using Shoe-Mounted Inertial Sensors
Schuldhaus, DominikUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Kugler, PatrickUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Leible, MagnusUniv. of Freiburg
Jensen, UlfUniv. Erlangen-Nuremberg
Schlarb, Heikoadidas AG, Herzogenaurach
Eskofier, BjoernUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.3 
Characterizing User-Subgroups in Flickr Group : A Block LDA Based Approach
Negi, SumitIBM Res.
Balasubramanyan, RamnathCMU
Chaudhury, SantanuIndian Inst. of Tech. Delhi
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.4 
Software-Based Performance and Complexity Analysis for the Design of Embedded Classification Systems
Ring, MatthiasUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Jensen, UlfUniv. Erlangen-Nuremberg
Kugler, PatrickUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Eskofier, BjoernUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.5 
Robust Online Trajectory Clustering without Computing Trajectory Distances
Ulm, MichaelAustrian Inst. of Tech.
Braendle, NorbertAustrian Inst. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.6 
Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Multiple Improved Particle Swarm Cooperative Optimization and SVM
Ren, YuemeiNorthwesternPolytechnicalUniversity
Zhang, YanningNorthwestern Pol. Univ.
Meng, QingjieNorthwestern Pol. Univ.
Zhang, LeiNorthwestern Pol. Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.7 
STPCA: Sparse Tensor Principal Component Analysis for Feature Extraction
Wang, Su-JingJilin Univ.
Sun, Ming-FangJilin Univ.
Chen, Yu-HsinJilin Univ.
Pang, Er-PingJilin Univ.
Zhou, ChunguangJilin Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.8 
FastLOF: An Expectation-Maximization Based Local Outlier Detection Algorithm
Goldstein, MarkusGerman Res. Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKIGmbH
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.9 
A Filtering Mechanism for Normal Fish Trajectories
Beyan, CigdemUniv. of Edinburgh, School of Informatics, IPAB
Fisher, RobertUniv. of Edinburgh
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.10 
Semi-Supervised Adaptive Parzen Gentleboost Algorithm for Fault Diagnosis
Li, ChengliangNorthwestern Pol. Univ.
Wang, ZhongshengNorthwestern Pol. Univ.
Bu, ShuhuiNorthwestern Pol. Univ.
Liu, ZhenbaoNorthwestern Pol. Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.11 
Non-Markovian Dynamic TimeWarping
Uchida, SeiichiKyushu Univ.
Fukutomi, MasahiroKyushu Univ.
Ogawara, KoichiWakayama Univ.
Feng, YaokaiKyushu Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.12 
On the Relation between K-Means and PLSA
Roy Chaudhuri, ArghyaIndian Inst. of Science
Musti, Narasimha MurtyIndian Inst. of Science-
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.13 
Probabilistic Shape Parsing for View-Based Object Recognition
Macrini, DiegoUniv. of Ottawa
Whiten, ChrisUniv. of Ottawa
Laganiere, Robert-
Greenspan, MichaelQueen's Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.14 
Learning-Based Mitotic Cell Detection in Histopathological Images
Sommer, ChristophETH Zurich
Fiaschi, LucaHCI/IWR Heidelberg
Hamprecht, Fred AndreasUniv. of Heidelberg
Gerlich, DanielInst. for Biochemistry, ETH Zurich
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.15 
Semi-Supervised Clustering with LEarnable Cluster Dependent Kernels
Frigui, HichemUniv. of Louisville
Bchir, OuiemKing Saud Univ. SA
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.16 
Training Data Recycling for Multi-Level Learning
Liu, JingchenPennsylvania State Univ.
McCloskey, ScottMcGill Univ. Honeywell
Liu, YanxiPenn State Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.17 
Unsupervised Tibetan Speech Features Learning Based on Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Zhao, YueMinzu Univ. of China
Xu, XiaonaMinzu Univ. of China
Yang, GuoshengMinzu Univ. of China
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.18 
Multitask Multiclass Privileged Information Support Vector Machines
Ji, YouEast China Normal Univ.
Sun, ShiliangEast China Normal Univ.
Lu, YueEast China Normal Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.19 
Learning Distance Metric Regression for Facial Age Estimation
Li, ChangshengInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Liu, QingshanNanjing Univ. of Information Science and Tech.
liu, jingNational Lab. of Pattern Recognition,Inst.
Lu, HanqingInst. of Automation,Chinese Acad. of Science
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.20 
Efficient Classification Using Phrases Generated by Topic Models
Gujraniya, DeepakIndian Inst. of Science. Bangalore
Musti, Narasimha MurtyIndian Inst. of Science-
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.21 
A Discriminative Parametric Approach to Video-Based Score-Level Fusion for Biometric Authentication
Poh, NormanUniv. of Surrey
Kittler, JosefUniv. of Surrey
Alkoot, FuadHITN,
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.22 
Incremental Support Vector Clustering with Outlier Detection
Huang, DongSun Yat-sen Univ.
Lai, Jian-huangSun Yat-sen Univ.
Wang, Chang-DongSun Yat-sen Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.23 
Face Recognition Using Multi-Modal Binary Patterns
Nguyen, Thanh PhuongLORIA
VU, Ngoc-SonGipsa-Lab.
Caplier, AliceGIPSA-Lab. Grenoble Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.24 
Sketch-Based Face Alignment for Thermal Face Recognition
Sun, LinZhejiang Univ. city Coll.
Dai, XiaoXiaZhejiang Univ. city Coll.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.25 
Fusing Biographical and Biometric Classifiers for Improved Person Identification
Tyagi, VivekIBM Res. India
K, Hima PrasadIBM Res. India
Faruquie, TanveerIBM Res. India
Subramaniam, L. VenkataIBM Res. India
Ratha, NaliniIBM Res.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.26 
Time Series Alignment with Gaussian Processes
Suematsu, NobuoHiroshima City Univ.
Hayashi, AkiraHiroshima City Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.27 
Placing Landmarks Suitably for Shape Analysis by Optimization
Iwata, KazunoriHiroshima City Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.28 
A Hierarchical Algorithm with Multi-Feature Fusion for Facial Expression Recognition
Zhang, ZhengTsinghua Univ.
Fang, ChiTsinghua Univ.
Ding, XiaoqingTsinghua Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.29 
Appearance Modeling for Person Re-Identification Using Weighted Brightness Transfer Functions
Datta, AnkurIBM T. J. Watson Res. Center
Brown, LisaIBM T. J. Watson Res. Center
Feris, RogerioIBM Res.
Pankanti, SharathIBM Res.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.30 
Learning Feature Weights of Symbols, with Application to Symbol Spotting
Nayef, NibalTech. Univ. of Kaiserslautern
Afzal, Muhammad ZeshanTech. Univ. of Kaiserslautern
Breuel, ThomasUniv. of kaiserslautern
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.31 
SuStorID: A Multiple Classifier System for the Protection of Web Services
Corona, IginoUniv. of Cagliari, Italy
Tronci, RobertoUniv. of Cagliari
Giacinto, GiorgioUniv. of Cagliari
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.32 
A Score-Level Fusion Method with Prior Knowledge for Fingerprint Matching
Zang, YaliInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Yang, XinInsititute of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Cao, KaiSchool of Life Sciences and Tech. Xidian Univ.
Jia, XiaofeiInsititute of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Zhang, NingInsititute of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Tian, JieInsititute of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.33 
View-Invariant Gait Recognition from Low Frame-Rate Videos
Mansur, AlOsaka Univ.
Makihara, YasushiThe Inst.
Yagi, YasushiOsaka Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.34 
Visualizing Vein Patterns from Color Skin Images Based on Image Mapping for Forensics Analysis
Tang, ChaoyingSchool of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Tech. Univ.
Zhang, HengyiSchool of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Tech. Univ.
Kong, AdamsNanyang Tech. Univ.
Craft, Noah2Department of Medicine, Los Angeles Biomedical Res. Inst.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.35 
Dual Subspace Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Person-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition
Tu, Yi-HanNational Tsing Hua Univ.
Hsu, Chiou-TingNational Tsing Hua Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.36 
Non-Parametric Score Normalization for Biometric Verification Systems
Struc, VitomirUniv. of Ljubljana
Zganec Gros, JernejaAlpinoen Ltd.
Pavesic, NikolaUniv. of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.37 
Fingerprint Matching Utilizing Non-Distal Phalanges
Topçu, BerkaySabancı Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.38 
Motion Histogram Quantification for Human Action Recognition
Tabia, HediIEF, Inst. d'Electronique Fondamentale
Gouiffès, MichèleIEF Univ. Paris Sud 11
Lacassagne, LionelIEF Univ. Paris Sud 11
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.39 
Age-Invariant Face Verification Based on Local Classifier Ensemble
Mao, XiaojiaoNanjing Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.40 
A Multiple Kernel Learning Approach to Multi-Modal Pedestrian Classification
San Biagio, MarcoIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Ulas, AydinUniv. degli Studi di Verona
Crocco, MarcoIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Cristani, MarcoUniv. of Verona
Castellani, UmbertoUniv. of Verona
Murino, VittorioUniv. of Verona
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.41 
Enhancing Biometric Security with Wavelet Quantization Watermarking Based Two-Stage Multimodal Authentication
Ma, BinBeihang Univ.
Li, ChunLeiBeihang Univ.
Wang, YunhongBeihang Univ.
Zhang, ZhaoxiangBeihang Univ.
Huang, DiBeihang Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.42 
Iris Recognition Using Ordinal Encoding of Log-Euclidean Covariance Matrices
Li, PeihuaHeilongjiang Univ.
Wu, GuolongHeilongjiang Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.43 
F-Measure Optimisation in Multi-Label Classifiers
Pillai, IgnazioUniv. of Cagliari
Fumera, GiorgioUniv. of Cagliari
Roli, FabioUniv. of Cagliari
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.44 
Combining General Multi-Class and Specific Two-Class Classifiers for Improved Customized ECG Heartbeat Classification
Ye, CanCarnegie MellonUniversity
Kumar, BVK VijayaCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Coimbra, MiguelUniv. of Porto
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT1.45 
Facial Image-Based Gender Classification Using Local Circular Patterns
Wang, ChenBeihang Univ.
Huang, DiBeihang Univ.
Wang, YunhongBeihang Univ.
Zhang, GuangpengBeihang Univ.
WePSBT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Poster Shotgun (10): CV Regular Session
Chair: Okuma, TakashiAIST
Co-Chair: Sumi, YasushiNational Inst. of Advanced IndustrialScienceandTechnology
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.1 
Arrangement Based Image Representation for Scene Recognition
Somanath, GowriUniv. of Delaware
Kambhamettu, ChandraUniv. of Delaware
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.2 
Efficient Statistical/Morphological Cell Texture Characterization and Classification
THIBAULT, GuillaumeCenter for Mathematical Morphology, Mines-ParisTech
Angulo, JesusMINES ParisTech
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.3 
Parallelized Annealed Particle Filter for Real-Time Marker-Less Motion Tracking Via Heterogeneous Computing
Bian, YataoShanghai Jiao tong Univ.
Zhao, XuShanghai Jiao tong Univ.
Song, JianShanghai Jiao tong Univ.
Liu, YuncaiShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.4 
Multi-Pose Face Detection for Accurate Face Logging
Bagdanov, AndrewUniv. of Florence
Del Bimbo, AlbertoUniv. of Florence
Lisanti, GiuseppeUniv. of Florence
Masi, IacopoUniv. of Florence
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.5 
Image Classification Using HTM Cortical Learning Algorithms
Zhuo, WenHuazhong Uni. of Sci. and Tech.
Cao, ZhiguoHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Xiao, YangNanyang Tech. Univ.
Qin, YuemingHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Yu, ZhenghongHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.6 
Real-Time Hand Status Recognition from RGB-D Imagery
Bagdanov, AndrewUniv. of Florence
Del Bimbo, AlbertoUniv. of Florence
Seidenari, LorenzoMedia Integration and Communication Center - Univ. ofFloren
Usai, LorenzoMedia Integration and Communication Center - Univ. of Flore
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.7 
Using Spatial Pyramids with Compacted VLAT for Image Categorization
Negrel, RomainETIS/ENSEA - CNRS UMR 8051
Picard, DavidETIS/ENSEA CNRS UMR 8051
Gosselin, Philippe HenriCNRS
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.8 
A Novel, Efficient, Tree-Based Descriptor and Matching Algorithm
Fowers, SpencerBrigham Young Univ.
Lee, Dah-JyeBrigham Young Univ.
Ventura, DanBrigham Young Univ.
Wilde, DoranBrigham Young Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.9 
RGBD Object Pose Recognition Using Local-Global Multi-Kernel Regression
El-Gaaly, TarekRutgers Univ.
Torki, MarwanRutgers Univ.
Elgammal, AhmedRutgers Univ.
Singh, ManeeshSiemens Corp. Res.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.10 
Video Figure Ground Labeling
Elqursh, AliRutgers Univ.
Elgammal, AhmedRutgers Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.11 
Local Phase Quantization Descriptors for Blur Robust and Illumination Invariant Recognition of Color Textures
Pedone, MatteoUniv. of Oulu
Heikkilä, JanneUniv. of Oulu
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.12 
Dense Reconstruction by Stereo-Motion under Perspective Camera Model
Fang, MuThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Chung, Chi-kit RonaldThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.13 
3D Human Pose Estimation Using 2D Body Part Detectors
Barbulescu, AdelaAalborg Univ.
Gong, Wenjuancvc
Gonzalez, JordiCentre de Visio per Computador, Univ. AutònomadeBarcelona
Moeslund, ThomasAalborg Univ.
Roca, F. XavierComputer Vision Center - Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.14 
Matting-Driven Online Learning of Hough Forests for Object Tracking
Qin, TaoXiamen Univ.
Zhong, BinengHuaqiao Univ.
Chin, Tat-JunThe Univ. of Adelaide
Wang, HanziXiamen Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.15 
Face Pose Estimation with Combined 2D and 3D HOG Features
Yang, JiaolongBeijing Inst. of Tech.
Liang, WeiBeijing Lab. of Intelligent Information Tech.
Jia, YundeBeijing Inst. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.16 
Evaluation of Local Feature Descriptors and Their Combination for Pedestrian Representation
Liang, JixiangGraduate Univ. of Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Ye, Qixianggraduate Univ. of the chinese Acad. and sciences
Chen, JieUniv. of Oulu, Finland
Jiao, Jianbingraduate Univ. of the chinese Acad. and sciences
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.17 
Multi-Dimensional Local Binary Pattern Descriptors for Improved Texture Analysis
Schaefer, GeraldLoughborough Univ.
Doshi, Niraj P.Loughborough Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.18 
Exploiting Ramp Structures for Improving Optical Flow Estimation
Singh, AbhishekUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ahuja, Narendra-UIUC
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.19 
Integrating Bottom-Up and Top-Down Processes for Accurate Pedestrian Counting
Lin, YujieSun Yat-Sen Univ.
Liu, NingSun Yat-Sen Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.20 
Context-Driven Moving Vehicle Detection in Wide Area Motion Imagery
Shi, XinchuInst. of Automation
Ling, HaibinTemple Univ.
Blasch, EAir Force Res. Lab.
Hu, WeimingNational Lab. of Pattern Recognition,Inst.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.21 
Shape Prior Regularized Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Image Segmentation
Duan, YupingInst. for Infocomm Res.
Huang, WeiminI2R
Chang, HuibinTianjin Normal Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.22 
Segmentation and Tracking of Multiple Interacting Mice by Temperature and Shape Information
Giancardo, LucaIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
Sona, DiegoIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
Scheggia, DiegoIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
Papaleo, FrancescoIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
Murino, VittorioUniv. of Verona
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.23 
Object Detection Via Foreground Contour Feature Selection and Part-Based Shape Model
Zhang, HuigangBeihang Univ.
Wang, JunxiuBeihang Univ.
Bai, XiaoBeihang Univ.
Zhou, JunAustralian National Univ.
Cheng, JianInst. of Automation,Chinese Acad. of Science
Zhao, HuijieBeihang Univ. China
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.24 
Key Observation Selection for Effective Video Synopsis
Zhu, XiaobinInst. ofAutomation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
liu, jingNational Lab. of Pattern Recognition,Inst.
Wang, JinqiaoChinese Acad. of Science
Lu, HanqingInst. of Automation,Chinese Acad. of Science
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.25 
3D Tracking of Soccer Players Using Time-Situation Graph in Monocular Image Sequence
Itoh, HirokiKobe Univ.
Takiguchi, TetsuyaKobe Univ.
Ariki, YasuoKobe Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.26 
Invariant Signatures for Omnidirectional Visual Place Recognition and Robot Localization in Unknown Environments
MARIE, RomainUniv. de Picardie Jules Verne
Labbani-Igbida, OuiddadUniv. of Picardie Jules Verne
Mouaddib, El MustaphaMIS Lab. Univ. de Picardie Jules Verne
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.27 
Covariance Profiles: A Signature Representation for Object Sets
Kolar Rajagopal, AnoopIndian Inst. of Science
Mitra, AdwayIndian Inst. of Science
Bonde, UjwalIndian Inst. of Science
Bhattacharyya, ChiranjibIndian Inst. of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560012
Kalpathi, RamakrishnanIndian Inst. of Science, Bangalore
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.28 
Towards a Robust Hand-Eye Calibration Using Normal Flows
Hui, Tak-WaiThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Chung, Chi-kit RonaldThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.29 
Visual Description and Recognition of Mechanical Tools with a Silhouette-Based Approach
Pazzaglia, FabioUniv. of Florence, Italy
Colombo, CarloUniv. of Florence
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.30 
Pose Estimation from Minimal Dual-Receiver Configurations
Burgess, SimonLund Univ.
Kuang, YubinLund Univ.
Astroem, KalleLund Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.31 
Fast Automatic Saliency Map Driven Geometric Active Contour Model for Color Object Segmentation
Nguyen, Tran Lan AnhChonnam National Univ.
Vo, Quang NhatChonnam National Univ.
Kodirov, ElyorChonnam National Univ.
Kim, SoohyungChonnam National Univ.
Lee, GueesangChonnam National Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.32 
Traffic Accident Risk Analysis Based on Relation of Common Route Models
ER, UygarYildiz Tech. Univ.
YUKSEL, SuleymanYildiz Tech. Univ.
Akoz, OmerYildiz Tech. Univ.
Karsligil, M. ElifYildiz Tech. Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.33 
Joint Shot Boundary Detection and Key Frame Extraction
Liu, XiaoZhejiang Univ.
Song, MingliZhejiang Univ.
Zhang, LumingZhejiang Univ.
Wang, SenlinZhejiang Univ.
Bu, jiajunZhejiang Univ.
Chen, ChunZhejiang Univ.
Tao, DachengNanyang Tech. Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.34 
Detecting Occlusion Boundaries Via Saliency Network
Chen, DapengXi'an Jiaotong Univ.
Yuan, ZejianXi'an Jiaotong Univ.
Zhang, GengXi'an Jiaotong Univ.
Zheng, NanningXi'an Jiaotong Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.35 
Visual Cortex Inspired Features for Object Detection in X-Ray Images
Schmidt-Hackenberg, LudwigUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Yousefi, Mohammad RezaUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Breuel, ThomasUniv. of kaiserslautern
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.36 
3D Facial Expression Recognition Via Multiple Kernel Learning of Multi-Scale Local Normal Patterns
Li, HuibinEc. Centrale de Lyon
Chen, LimingEc. Centrale de Lyon
Huang, DiBeihang Univ.
Wang, YunhongBeihang Univ.
Morvan, Jean-MarieUniv. Lyon 1, Inst. Camille Jordan, 43 blvd du 11Novembr
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.37 
Stereo-Based Tracking of Multiple Overlapping Persons
Satake, JunjiToyohashi Univ. of Tech.
Miura, JunToyohashi Univ. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.38 
Automatic Face Annotation by Multilinear AAM with Missing Values
Feng, ZhenhuaUniv. of Surrey
Kittler, JosefUniv. of Surrey
Christmas, WilliamUniv. of Surrey
Wu, XiaojunJiangnan Univ.
Pfeiffer, SebastianGoethe Univ. Frankfurt/Main
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.39 
Anomaly Detection with Spatio-Temporal Context Using Depth Images
Ma, XiaolinNanjing Univ.
Lu, TongNanjing Univ.
Xu, FeimingNanjing Univ.
Su, FengNanjing Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.40 
Pedestrian Lane Detection for Assistive Navigation of Blind People
Le, Manh CuongUniv. of Wollongong
Phung, Son LamUniv. of Wollongong
Bouzerdoum, AbdesselamUniv. of Wollongong
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.41 
Video Object Segmentation by Clustering Region Trajectories
Zhang, GengXi'an Jiaotong Univ.
Yuan, ZejianXi'an Jiaotong Univ.
Chen, DapengXi'an Jiaotong Univ.
Liu, YuehuXi'an Jiaotong Univ.
Zheng, NanningXi'an Jiaotong Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.42 
Removal of Dust Artifacts from Focal Stack Image Sequences
Li, ChenZhejiang Univ.
Zhou, KunZhejiang Univ.
Lin, StephenMicrosoft Res. Asia
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.43 
Visual Saliency: A Manifold Way of Perception
Zhu, HaoBeijing Normal Univ.
Han, BiaoShanghai Univ.
Ruan, XiangOmron coorparation
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.44 
Binary Invariant Cross Color Descriptor Using Galaxy Sampling
Huang, Guo-HaoNational Chung-Hsing Univ.
Huang, Chun-RongNational Chung-Hsing Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.45 
Dissociating Rigid and Articulated Motion for Hand Tracking
Martínez, OriolUniv. Pompeu Fabra
Cirujeda, PolUniv. Pompeu Fabra
Ferraz, LuisUniv. Pompeu Fabra
Binefa, XavierUniv. Pompeu Fabra
14:00-14:30, Paper WePSBT2.46 
Stereo Matching on Low Intensity Quantization Images
Lin, Huei-YungNational Chung Cheng Univ.
WeCT1 Main Hall
Medical Registration and Spatio-Temporal Analysis Regular Session
Chair: Kensaku, MoriNagoya Univ.
14:30-14:50, Paper WeCT1.1 
Spectral Clustering to Model Deformations for Fast Multimodal Prostate Registration
Mitra, JhimliUniv. de Bourgogne
Kato, ZoltanUniv. of Szeged
Ghose, SoumyaUniv. de Bourgogne
SIDIBE, DESIREUniv. de Bourgogne
Martí, RobertUniv. of Girona
Llado, XavierUniv. of Girona
Oliver, ArnauUniv. of Girona
Vilanova, Joan C.Girona Magnetic Res. Center
Meriaudeau, FabriceLE2I
14:50-15:10, Paper WeCT1.2 
Learning-Based Deformable Registration Using Weighted Mutual Information
Lu, YongNingNational Univ. of Singapore
Liao, RuiSiemens Corp. Corp. Res. and Tech.
Zhang, LiSiemens Corp. Corp. Res. and Tech.
Sun, YingNational Univ. of Singapore
Chefd'hotel, ChristopheSiemens Corp. Corp. Res. and Tech.
Ong, Sim HengNational Univ. of Singapore
15:10-15:30, Paper WeCT1.3 
Automated Detection of Skeletal Muscle Twitches from B-Mode Ultrasound Images: An Application to Motor Neuron Disease
Harding, Peter JohnManchester Metropolitan Univ.
Hodson-Tole, EmmaManchester Metropolitan Univ.
Cunningham, Ryan JamesManchester Metropliton Univ.
Costen, Nicholas PaulManchester Metropolitan Univ.
Loram, IanManchester Metropolitan Univ.
15:30-15:50, Paper WeCT1.4 
Neural-Net Classification for Spatio-Temporal Descriptor Based Depression Analysis
Joshi, JyotiUniv. of Canberra
Dhall, AbhinavAustralian National Univ.
Goecke, RolandUniv. of Canberra
Breakspear, MichaelUniv. of New South Wales
Parker, GordonUniv. of New South Wales
15:50-16:10, Paper WeCT1.5 
Feature-Aligned 4D Spatiotemporal Image Registration
Xu, HuanhuanLSU
Chen, PeizhiXiamen Univ.
Yu, WuyiLSU
Sawant, AmitUT Southwestern Medical Center
Iyengar, S.SFlorida International
Li, XinLouisiana State Univ.
WeCT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Applications of Image and Signal Processing Regular Session
Chair: Sebe, NicuUniv. of Trento
Co-Chair: Ho, Shen-ShyangNanyang Tech. Univ.
14:30-14:50, Paper WeCT2.1 
An Effective Vortex Detection Approach for Velocity Vector Field
Ho, Shen-ShyangNanyang Tech. Univ.
14:50-15:10, Paper WeCT2.2 
Robust Detection of Single-Frame Defects in Archived Film
Wechtitsch, StefanieJOANNEUM Res.
Fassold, HannesJOANNEUM Res.
Schallauer, PeterJOANNEUM Res. Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
15:10-15:30, Paper WeCT2.3 
Coupling Reduced Models for Optimal Motion Estimation
Drifi, KarimINRIA
Herlin, IsabelleINRIA
15:30-15:50, Paper WeCT2.4 
Detection of Bubbles As Concentric Circular Arrangements
Strokina, NataliyaLappeenranta Univ. of Tech. (LUT)
Matas, JiriCTU Prague
Eerola, TuomasLappeenranta Univ. of Tech.
Lensu, LasseLappeenranta Univ. of Tech.
Kalviainen, HeikkiLappeenranta Univ. of Tech.
15:50-16:10, Paper WeCT2.5 
Bayesian Separation of Wind Power Generation Signals
Yoon, Ji WonIBM Res.
Fusco, FrancescoIBM
Wurst, MichaelIBM Res.
WeCT3 Room 101+102
Matching Regular Session
Chair: Saito, HideoKeio Univ.
Co-Chair: Tao, DachengNanyang Tech. Univ.
14:30-14:50, Paper WeCT3.1 
Image Contextual Representation and Matching through Hierarchies and Higher Order Graphs
Rubio Ballester, Jose C.Computer Vision Center. UAB
Serrat, JoanUniv. Autonoma de Barcelona
López Peña, Antonio M.CVC-UAB
Paragios, NikosEc. Centrale de Paris
14:50-15:10, Paper WeCT3.2 
Manhattan-Pyramid Distance: A Solution to an Anomaly in Pyramid Matching by Minimization
Chauhan, AneeshUniv. of Aveiro
Seabra Lopes, LuísUniv. of Aveiro
15:10-15:30, Paper WeCT3.3 
Robust and Accurate Multi-View Reconstruction by Prioritized Matching
Ylimäki, MarkusUniv. of Oulu
Kannala, JuhoUniv. of Oulu
Holappa, JukkaUniv. of Oulu
Heikkilä, JanneUniv. of Oulu
Brandt, Sami SebastianUniv. of Copenhagen
15:30-15:50, Paper WeCT3.4 
Combining Color and Geometry for Local Image Matching
Mazin, BaptisteTelecom ParisTech, LTCI CNRS
Delon, JulieCNRS, Telecom ParisTech
Gousseau, YannTelecom Paris
15:50-16:10, Paper WeCT3.5 
Evaluation of Local Detectors and Descriptors for Fast Feature Matching
Miksik, OndrejBrno Univ. of Tech.
Mikolajczyk, KrystianUniv. of Surrey
WeCT4 Hall 200
Surveillance and Security Regular Session
Chair: Taniguchi, Rin-ichiroKyushu Univ.
Co-Chair: Hlavac, VaclavCzech Tech. Univ. Faculty of ElectricalEngineering
14:30-14:50, Paper WeCT4.1 
Learning to Count with Regression Forest and Structured Labels
Fiaschi, LucaHCI/IWR Heidelberg
Nair, RahulHCI/IWR Heidelberg
Koethe, UllrichHCI/IWR Heidelberg
Hamprecht, Fred AndreasUniv. of Heidelberg
14:50-15:10, Paper WeCT4.2 
Edge Detection for Facial Images under Noisy Conditions
Madabusi, SudarshanInternational Inst. of Information Tech. Hyderabad
Gangashetty, SuryakanthInternational Inst. of Information Tech. Gachibowli, H
15:10-15:30, Paper WeCT4.3 
Person Re-Identification Using View-Dependent Score-Level Fusion of Gait and Color Features
Kawai, RyoOsaka Univ.
Makihara, YasushiThe Inst.
Hua, ChunshengOsaka Univ.
Iwama, HaruyukiOsaka Univ.
Yagi, YasushiOsaka Univ.
15:30-15:50, Paper WeCT4.4 
Camera Pan / Tilt Control with Multiple Trackers
Li, YimingUniv. of California at Riverside
Bhanu, BirUniv. of California
15:50-16:10, Paper WeCT4.5 
Joining Feature-Based and Similarity-Based Pattern Description Paradigms for Object Detection
Martelli, SamueleIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Cristani, MarcoUniv. of Verona
Bazzani, LorisUniv. of Verona
Tosato, DiegoUniv. of Verona
Murino, VittorioUniv. of Verona
WeCT5 Hall 300
Learning and Boosting Regular Session
Chair: Tamaki, ToruHiroshima Univ.
Co-Chair: Mori, GregSimon Fraser Univ.
14:30-14:50, Paper WeCT5.1 
Multiple Instance Real Boosting with Aggregation Functions
Hajimirsadeghi, HosseinSimon Fraser Univ.
Mori, GregSimon Fraser Univ.
14:50-15:10, Paper WeCT5.2 
Weighted Conditional Mutual Information Based Boosting for Classification of Imbalanced Datasets
15:10-15:30, Paper WeCT5.3 
Compressed Submanifold Multifactor Analysis with Adaptive Factor Structures
Luu, KhoaCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Savvides, MariosCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Bui, Tien D.Concordia Univ.
Suen, Ching YConcordia Univ.
15:30-15:50, Paper WeCT5.4 
Unsupervised Skeleton Learning for Manifold Denoising
Sun, KeUniv. of Geneva
Bruno, EricKnowledge Discovery & Data Mining, Firmenich S.A.
Marchand-Maillet, StephaneUniv. of Geneva
15:50-16:10, Paper WeCT5.5 
Efficient and Accurate Learning of Bayesian Networks Using Chi-Squared Independence Tests
TANG, YICenter of Excellence for Document AnalysisandRecognition,Univ.
Srihari, SargurUniv. at Buffalo, The State Univ. of New York
WePBT6 Room 201+202
Poster Session (09, 10) Poster Session
Chair: Kameda, YoshinariUniv. of Tsukuba
WeDT1 Main Hall
Geometric/Photometric Registration and Inpainting Regular Session
Chair: Mase, KenjiNagoya Univ.
Co-Chair: Arth, ClemensGraz Univ. of Tech.
16:50-17:10, Paper WeDT1.1 
Multi-Camera Rectification Using Linearized Trifocal Tensor
Zilly, Frederik LeonhardFraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Inst.
Riechert, ChristianFraunhofer Inst. for Telecommunications - HeinrichHertz Inst.
Müller, MarcusFraunhofer Inst. for Telecommunications - Heinrich Hertz Ins
Waizenegger, WolfgangFraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Inst.
Sikora, ThomasTech. Univ. Berlin, Communication Systems Group
Kauff, PeterFraunhofer Inst. for Telecommunications - Heinrich Hertz Ins
17:10-17:30, Paper WeDT1.2 
Contrast-Enhancing Seam Detection and Blending Using Graph Cuts
Weibel, ThomasFraunhofer ITWM
Rösch, RonaldFraunhofer ITWM
Daul, ChristianCentre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy / ENSEM
Wolf, DidierCentre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy
17:30-17:50, Paper WeDT1.3 
Fast Global Non-Rigid Registration for Mosaic Creation
Castanheira de Souza, Rafael HenriqueTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Okutomi, MasatoshiTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Torii, AkihikoTokyo Inst. of Tech.
17:50-18:10, Paper WeDT1.4 
An Intrinsic Coordinate System for 3D Face Registration
Koppen, PaulUniv. of Surrey
Chan, Chi HoUniv. of Surrey
Christmas, WilliamUniv. of Surrey
Kittler, JosefUniv. of Surrey
18:10-18:30, Paper WeDT1.5 
Image Inpainting Considering Symmetric Patterns
Kawai, NorihikoNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Yokoya, NaokazuNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
WeDT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Texture and Saliency Regular Session
Chair: Ding, XiaoqingTsinghua Univ.
Co-Chair: Zhang, HongUniv. of Alberta
16:50-17:10, Paper WeDT2.1 
Saliency Detection Via Divergence Analysis: A Unified Perspective
Huang, Jia-BinUniv. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Ahuja, Narendra-UIUC
17:10-17:30, Paper WeDT2.2 
Visual Saliency and Categorisation of Abstract Images
Laine-Hernandez, MariAalto Univ.
Kinnunen, Juha Teemu EnsioAalto Univ.
Kamarainen, Joni-KristianLappeenranta Univ. of Tech.
Lensu, LasseLappeenranta Univ. of Tech.
Kalviainen, HeikkiLappeenranta Univ. of Tech.
Oittinen, PirkkoAalto Univ.
17:30-17:50, Paper WeDT2.3 
Combining Local and Global Correlation for Texture Description
Hong, XiaopengUniv. of Oulu
Zhao, GuoyingUniv. of Oulu
Pietikäinen, MattiUniv. of Oulu
Chen, XilinInst. of Computing Tech. ChineseAcademyofSciences
17:50-18:10, Paper WeDT2.4 
A Comprehensive Benchmark of Local Binary Pattern Algorithms for Texture Retrieval
Doshi, Niraj P.Loughborough Univ.
Schaefer, GeraldLoughborough Univ.
18:10-18:30, Paper WeDT2.5 
Distinctive Texture Features from Perspective-Invariant Keypoints
Gossow, DavidTech. Univ. München
Weikersdorfer, DavidTech. Univ. München
Beetz, MichaelTech. Univ. München
WeDT3 Room 101+102
Feature Description Regular Session
Chair: El-Saban, MotazMicrosoft Res.
Co-Chair: Crandall, DavidIndiana Univ.
16:50-17:10, Paper WeDT3.1 
A Fully Affine Invariant Feature Detector
Li, WeiChinese Acad. ofSciences
Shi, ZelinChinese Acad. of Sciences
Yin, JianThe Res. Inst. on General Development of Air Force
17:10-17:30, Paper WeDT3.2 
Contour Detection Via Random Forest
ZHANG, ChaoShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Ruan, XiangOmron coorparation
Zhao, YumingShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Yang, Ming-HsuanUniv. of California at Merced
17:30-17:50, Paper WeDT3.3 
EDVD - Enhanced Descriptor for Visual and Depth Data
Nascimento, EricksonUniv. Federal de Minas Gerais
Schwartz, WilliamFederal Univ. of Minas Gerais
Campos, Mario Montenegro CamposUniv. Federal de Minas Gerais
17:50-18:10, Paper WeDT3.4 
An Accurate and Contrast Invariant Junction Detector
Xia, Gui-SongUniv. Paris-Dauphine
Delon, JulieCNRS, Telecom ParisTech
Gousseau, YannTelecom Paris
18:10-18:30, Paper WeDT3.5 
Do Humans Fixate on Interest Points?
Ghanem, BernardKing Abdullah Univ. of Science and Tech.
Dubey, RachitNanyang Tech. Univ.
Dave, AkshatNanyang Tech. Univ.
WeDT4 Hall 200
Video Analysis and Surveillance Regular Session
Chair: Shimosaka, MasamichiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Co-Chair: Chen, Hua-TsungNational Chiao Tung Univ.
16:50-17:10, Paper WeDT4.1 
Acceleration of Vanishing Point-Based Line Sampling Scheme for People Localization and Height Estimation Via 3D Sampling
Lo, Kuo-HuaNational Chiao Tung Univ.
Wang, Chih-JungNational Chiao Tung Univ.
Chuang, Jen-HuiNational Chiao Tung Univ.
Chen, Hua-TsungNational Chiao Tung Univ.
17:10-17:30, Paper WeDT4.2 
Consistent Collective Activity Recognition with Fully Connected CRFs
Kaneko, TakuhiroThe Univ. of Tokyo
Shimosaka, MasamichiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Odashima, ShigeyukiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Fukui, RuiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Sato, TomomasaThe Univ. of Tokyo
17:30-17:50, Paper WeDT4.3 
Automatic Heterogeneous Video Summarization in Temporal Profile
Cai, HongyuanIndiana Univ. Purdue Univ. Indianapolis
Zheng, Jiang YuIndiana Univ. Purdue Univ. Indianapolis
17:50-18:10, Paper WeDT4.4 
Annotating Videos from the Web Images
Wang, HanBeijing Lab. ofInrelligentInformationTechnology,School of
Wu, XinxiaoBeijing Lab. of IntelligentInformationTechnology,School of
Jia, YundeBeijing Inst. of Tech.
18:10-18:30, Paper WeDT4.5 
Foreground Detection Via Robust Low Rank Matrix Factorization Including Spatial Constraint with Iterative Reweighted Regression
Guyon, CharlesLab. MIA (Mathematics,ImageandApplications)-Univ. of
Bouwmans, ThierryLab. of Mathematics, Images and Applications,Univ. of
Zahzah, ElhadiLab. MIA (Mathematics, ImageandApplications)-Univ. of
WeDT5 Hall 300
Categorization and Learning Regular Session
Chair: Kambhamettu, ChandraUniv. of Delaware
Co-Chair: Sukthankar, RahulGoogle
16:50-17:10, Paper WeDT5.1 
A Pyramid Nearest Neighbor Search Kernel for Object Categorization
Cheng, HongUniv. of Electronic Science and Tech. of China
Yu, RongchaoUniv. of Electronics Science and Tech. of China
Liu, ZichengMicrosoft
Liu, YiguangSichuan Univ.
17:10-17:30, Paper WeDT5.2 
Spatial Graphlet Matching Kernel for Recognizing Aerial Image Categories
Zhang, LumingZhejiang Univ.
Song, MingliZhejiang Univ.
Li, SunZhejiang Univ.
Tao, DachengNanyang Tech. Univ.
Bu, jiajunZhejiang Univ.
Chen, ChunZhejiang Univ.
Liu, XiaoZhejiang Univ.
Wang, YintingZhejiang Univ.
17:30-17:50, Paper WeDT5.3 
Sparse Coding for Histograms of Local Binary Patterns Applied for Image Categorization: Toward a Bag-Of-Scenes Analysis
PARIS, SebastienUniv. de la Méditerranée
HALKIAS, Xanadu, XanaduUniv. South-Toulon-Var,LSIS/DYNI
17:50-18:10, Paper WeDT5.4 
Online Human-Assisted Learning Using Random Ferns
Villamizar Vergel, MichaelCSIC-UPC
Garrell, AnaísCSIC-UPC
Sanfeliu, Alberto-Univ. Pol. de Catalunya
Moreno-Noguer, FrancescCSIC-UPC
18:10-18:30, Paper WeDT5.5 
K-MLE for Mixtures of Generalized Gaussians
Schwander, OlivierÉcole Pol.
NIELSEN, FrankSony Computer Science Lab. Inc
Schutz, AurélienUniv. de Bordeaux
Berthoumieu, YannickUniv. de Bordeaux